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Get The Best Of Minimob Mobile Advert Network With API Integration

Minimob is a leading mobile marketing and monetization platform that

lets you to scale your user base, increase engagement rates, and

significantly boost revenue streams - all through a simple yet

powerful api. In this way, we help to fuel the growth of the freemium

economy. In a remarkably short period of time, Minimob has become the

partner of choice for today's leading Free-to-Play Android mobile


In this fast-paced mobile environment where not every user is looking

at the same, acting the same, or going through the same App stores or

smart devices. The countless of alternate access points means that

your marketing platform must recognise and segment the right people

from different environments on-the-fly and that's where Minimob comes

in. It offers this sophistication and enables you to target App hungry

folks from Google PLAY, or other independent App stores. Different

strategies are required and subsequently enabled for different groups

of mobile users_ generating a much higher CPM.

To get the best out of Minimob, a publisher with API integration and

automation is better than a non-API. Though the Minimob offervault

does not serve directly as an ads server but the offervault api allows

integration between our ad servers and your servers, enabling

publisher to automatically

import offers to his system so he can serve them with his preferred ad

serving technology platform.

API calls can be provided to:

(1) Get all offers that are available

in minimob as well as retrieve

detailed information for any of them, as to pinpoint the most interesting ones.

(2) Send approval requests for the

offers he wants to serve, so he can get permission from the minimob

team to serve them.

(3) Get all the offers that he's currently permitted to serve as

well as updat information about offers progress and performance, so he

can dynamically adjust the ad


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