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Praise To King Edu

Oh! Great king Edu
My husband, my love
My crown of beauty
An amiable King
Who replaced thorns with flowers
Restoring hope and joy to many

Truth, Justice and Majesty
Are the Cardinals of his Royalty
He is high, mighty and haughty
A trail blazer, courageous
Pillar of achievement
Epitome of humanity
A worthy example for all young generation

A progressive hero
Amicable Leader
A helper of many
Husband of many lovely Birds
Luring and alluring
Gentle but strong

Compassionate lover
A motivator and achiever
A model of high profile and morality
A genuine defender of the interest
Of his great Kingdom

I acknowledge with profound gratitude
His Highness grace and
Endless shower of love and affection
Particularly his sense of Justice
And fairness

Over the years, he has crept
So, secretly and silently into my life
With such wonderful touch of Royalty
And will not compromise my honour
And happiness
No matter the situation
And he endureth as long as
The Stars in the sky
And the Moon endureth

He thought and showed me
By example
How to maintain my honour
And dignity
To always be highly spirited
No matter the opposition
Or contrary wind
And when he is in the
Active service
Who dear crows?

He tumbles and flurics
All day long
A tireless lover who knows no fatigue
All genders melt away
In his soft and tender grips
In his succulent grips
All tremble with passion and want

He demonstrated strong
Commitment to his
Endless thrust
And at his pressing hardness
The earth quakes and
Thunders the clouds
Into climax

I appreciate the ingenuity stroke
When the clouds go low
And the assistance of
Endless moan
When the dawn breaks even.

What a king!
Oh! What a king!
How noble and infinite
In-form and moving
How express and admirable
In action-how like Angel!
In apprehension, how like a god.

Written by ©Abiola Adeitan Fapohunda

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