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The Best Security Extension For Joomla CMS

Assuming you have seen some beautiful Joomla websites and have decided

to choose Joomla as your own Content Management System. CMS plus

security makes the sense in the startup of a website or blog,

wondering which Joomla Security Extension to choose?

You should consider RSFirewall! security; with the following

unbelievable features:

(1) It has the power to stop brute-force login attempts.

(2) By using wildcards, it will block unwanted IP addresses be it

single or multiple.

(3) Its compatibility is with Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.

(4) It is also programmed to stop the upload of hazardous files such

as base64 encode, eval, gzinflate, pregreplace /e.

(5) It has the ability to add an extra layer of security by typing in

a password before logging in the administration.

(6) It has IPv6 support.

(7) It can automatically drop dangerous files when they're uploaded -

such as .php, .js, .exe, .com, .bat, .cmd.

(8) It also optimizes and repairs database tables.

(9) It also secures by disabling attempts of maliciously creating new


(10) It has the ability to protect selected administrators from any

changes; not excluding password change.

(11) It can display CAPTCHA in the

administration section after a predefined number of failed login attempts.

(12) It allows the selection for countries access to the website and

also blocks anonymous proxies.

(13) It scans files and folders for common permission errors,

integrity, and malwares.

(14) Other activities include; local file inclusion, remote file

inclusion, SQL injection, HTML, Javascript and CSS filtering, etc.

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Blogger said...

Using AVG protection for a number of years now, and I recommend this anti-virus to all you.


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