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The Difference Between The Role Of Kate Hardcastle And Tony Lumpkin In She Stoops To Conquer

In what way is Kate Hardcastle different from Tony Lumpkin?

In the story "She Stoops To Conquer," Kate Hardcastle is the heroine

of the play because she is the one who stoops to conquer her lover,

Marlow, by helping him to overcome his shyness. She is very helpful

and understanding as she quickly comes to the Marlow's aid when he

displays his usual nervousness and timidity. She puts Marlow at ease

when she plays the role of a maid and dresses plain for this role. She

also contributes immensely to the many incidents of dramatic irony in

the play.

On the other hand, Tony Lumpkin can be said to be the hero of the play

because he's behind most of the mistakes committed in the play. Tony

Lumpkin is regarded as a drunkard and a split child. He's also central

to several dramatic irony in the play. He's the one that deliberately

misleads young Marlow and Hastings into believing that they are in an

inn instead of Mrs. Hardcastle's house.

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