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True Effect Of Biting

Should we leave back-biter out of this? Yes
Their bitings are ineffective to the wise.
Biting makes the world moves on:
Biting led man from Eden to civilization
Thank God temptation led Eve to biting
Thank God beauty clouded Adam rejecting
What would be of humanity with no biting?
The engine is biting the wheels to travel
The hoe is biting the soil to huge harvest
The welder is biting the iron into construction
The positive is biting the negative into electrification
The teacher is biting the board to bring education
The lawyer is biting his tongue to punish corruption
The footballer is biting the ball to gain celebration
Through developmental biting, human race can progress
The robber is biting the owner to meet his needs
The embezzler is biting the masses to amass wealths
The uniform is biting the commercial driver into corruption
The fake shrine is biting congregation for private jet
The marketer is biting the measurement for futile gain
The internet thief is biting the webmaster into labour lost
The evil builder is biting the government project into collapsed building
Whatever form of biting your hands are perpetually practising
Will it development the universe or bring the Apocalypse quickly?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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