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Why WP e-commerce Is The Best Choice WordPress Shop

WP e-commerce is also called WP e-commerce plugin. It is the official WordPress plugin for e-commerce. Based on a certain web master observation, its popularity surpasses that of WooCommerce (another competing e-commerce plugin) by over 2.6 million downloads.

This post is to look at few features that made WP e-commerce the better choice among other e-commerce plugin for wordpress.

(1) It is the official e-commerce plugin for wordpress and that alone makes it more credible than other.

(2) It adds beauty and style to a website or blog with its display of online store.

(3) It is free for use.

(4) It does not require broad knowledge of computer programming before it can be installed.

(4) It is compatible with most wordpress themes.

(5) It is also available for wordpress multi site.

(6) It is also SEO oriented.

(7) It has a drag-and-drop shopping feature.

(8) It's catalog management is very easy to understand.

(9) It can generate PayPal Buy Now Button with ease.

(10) It can be placed anywhere in the website or blog with the help of shortcode or easy widget enablement.

(11) It also supports multiple payment gateways including Google Wallet, Chronopay, iDEAL, BluePay, Sagepay, Paystation, and FirstData/LinkPoint amongst others

(12) It is marketing-ready with multiple options such as New Products widgets, Cross-sells, flexible coupon rules, quantity discounts, Google Analytics, Google Sitemaps, Google Base integration etc

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