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Analysis Of Night Song By David Holbrook

Night Song by David Holbrook is one of those poems written to glorify the night time above daytime. In the poem, Holbrook revealed so many beauties of nighttime through the use of so many personifications; he felt that even though there were much to do, night was inevitable and it approached so quick.

David Holbrook was motivated to compose the poem because he was preoccupied by the things that probably transpires during the depth of the night. The title and the structure of the poem place it under the lyrical form while it relates with nature and reality. The first and the last stanzas are four-line refrain which stand as the chorus to the poem while the three stanzas in between are of four lines per stanza.

The poem speaker ordered an abstract being to clean up and call it a day since darkness was fast approaching "Night climbs the stairway" (line 4). The poem speaker then gave further prove of Night in presence, in the following three stanzas; the second revealed the cricket take over after the had switched off the light, children already snoring and the smell of clover was felt.

The poet compared the activities of the poppy and rose at the nighttime to that of an object swimming on river or lake. And while everywhere was cold, the hay on the field was personified by the poet to hear the activities of lovers during the nighttime. While in the fourth stanza, the owl swings her wings but the tree was said to be unconcerned and was busy sleeping. The last stanza was the repetition of the first.

The most obvious poetic devices here are refrain (stanza 1 and 5), Personifications (in line 4 "Night climbs the stairway" in lines 7-8 "the smell of clover/ Tickles the poacher's nose as he treads it over" in line 11-12 "hay/ Hears warm in the field what the lovers say" in line 13-14 "the heady tree/ Sighs in its sleep")

David Kenneth Holbrook was an English poet and educator born on the 9th January, 1923 in Norwich but died on the 11th of August, 2011. He was at a point in his life, a soldier "an officer with the East Riding Yeomanry". Few of his other notable poetry are "Against The Cruel Frost", "Chance Of A Lifetime", "Moments In Italy", etc. to read more poetic analysis

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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