Clickbank Or Clickbooth; Which One For Affiliate

ClickBank or ClickBooth which one are you looking for? Actually the two words might be confusing; they both begin with "click" and they both have letter "b". Maybe someone, sometime ago, had once told you that you can generate revenue or make money online with (clickbbbbbbb clicksomething or clickwhatever_ you no longer remember the precise name) well, that's the reason why this post is written to clarify the differences.

Clickbank (founded in 1998) is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.

Clickbooth (founded in 2002) is a publisher affiliate network which sells online advertising in both Cost per action and Pay per click formats. Clickbooth affiliate network for publishers, operates in a bit different way from webhost affiliate network like iPage Web Hosting and the rest.

Clickbank and Clickbooth are both American based online advertisement companies. They both operate affiliate program. Clickbank organized it business platform in a way that looks like that of Amazon marketplace [ Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks ]; where different products to be advertised or promoted are showcased like an online shop (that's why Clickbank is called a marketplace for affiliates). It uses the term "Vendor" to refer to its advertisers and uses the term "Merchant" to refer to its publishers unlike Clickbooth that has no goods/products displayed; advertisers drop their banners with Clickbooth and publishers willing to monetize their websites traffic visit Clickbooth to sign-up and wait for Clickbooth to serving anonymous ads banner in their website contents. 

Clickbank is not for every country (membership from Nigeria is not yet allowed) but Clickbooth acceptes membership from every country of the world. Most times, Clickbooth ads banner is served to a publisher website without the publisher knowing beforehand what kind of ads banner will appear but in the case of Clickbank, merchant goes to the Clickbank marketplace and choose the ads banner he/she loves to promote. It's easy to recognize a Clickbank banner when you find it anywhere (it always has "CLICK HERE" in the banner) but Clickbooth banners are not easily recognized.

In conclusion, Clickbank and Clickbooth are both worth trying because of the credibility they have built.


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