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Homage On Sunday

In this golden box of homage
Homage to the God Almighty
Homage to the tiny sage governing sixteen cowries
Homage to the helpful deities leaving us not in the lurch
Homage to the priest sleeping and listening
Homage to the witches and wizards angry to hinder our verses
Homage to the fathers and mothers who's hairs are white
Homage to the classic bards of we contemporaries
Homage again to the classics enjoying the apples of immortality
Come to think of it vividly:
What good is in the cock with no crown?
What beauty is in the owl with no big balls?
What beauty is in the song sang with a cracked voice?
Whenever a libation is done, an incantation is formed
What good is in two lovers treading apart?
What good is in fate and fortune living as foes?
Whenever fate and fortune live as one
A soul is richly blessed;
Rain or shine, we must remain blessed.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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