Monday, April 25, 2016

MTN Mobile Electricity Service In Nigeria

MTN Mobile Electricity (Powered by: Lumos Smart Solar System) is a huge lame and ridiculous plan to exploit Nigerians in their lack of stable electricity system.

The MTN Mobile Electricity claims that interested customers will enjoy 24/7 electricity void of noise and fume, but requires daily payment via mobile airtime; how then will the enjoyment be 24/7?

The plan states that interested customers will have to:

1) Sign-up and pick up the system. ( they should sign-up at where?)

2) Easily install the solar panel on your roof. ( why will the installation not be easy, when the ridiculous solar panel is not up to the size of a technical drawing board)

3) Pay via mobile airtime to activate and unlock. ( Another very funny joke)


1) A single 80Watts solar panel.
2) A single solar indoor unit with various DC sockets capable of 12Voltage maximum.
3) Mobile phone charger
4) 2 powerful LED bulbs
5) Easy self-installation mounting kit and required cables.


Interested customers are expected to follow the payment procedure below:-

1) Pay A Commitment Fee: One-time payment of #15, 000 upon joining service.

2) Then Choose An Everlasting Payment Plan: Then after the commitment fee, the customer will then choose one of the following payment plans ( i. 3 Days Plan at #133 each day making the total cost of #400, ii. 7 Days Plan at #121 each day making the total cost of #850, iii. 30 Days Plan at #110 each day making the total cost of #3300.)

It means that after the payment of #15000 commitment fee, a customer's usage will still depend on his ability to continually pay for one of the 3 plans. How then can the customers enjoy the service 24/7?


1) Based on personal point of view, the MTN Mobile Electricity service shows concern towards Nigerians unstable electricity supply (which the government has been paying lip-service to)

2) The MTN Mobile Electricity service is a creative action towards development (which is far far better than bombing, money laundry, kidnapping, etc. which has been threatening the peace of the masses)


1) Based on personal points of view, the service is trickily expensive; which makes it look as if it's not for the poor masses and no rich fellow will even go for it either. Come to think of it, after paying #15,000 a customer will still be incurring daily expenses on it; which makes it worse than a fuel generating set and a kerosene lantern.

2) It lacks reliability. In the sense that it doesn't seem promising as it appears to be. It lacks a second hand value because there is no assurance that the indoor solar box will be repaired whenever faulty (the same way fuel generators and kerosene lanterns are being repaired; so what is the heck?)

3) The sun factor. The sun factor is not considered in line with payment. The day, the sun shines at its best, customers will fully enjoy their money but the day, the sun is not at its best, customers are still at the losing side. This is from the experience got using the solar community boreholes and home solar lanterns bought from market.

4) MTN Mobile has not fully resolved its lack of solid network plan in Nigeria, instead it's interfering into what supposed not be its concern; all in the name of making money at the expense of the poor masses.

The major purpose of this post is not to totally condemn the MTN Mobile Electricity service but to make those behind the project realise that there are so much amendments to be made in terms of price, size of the solar panel, etc.

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