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Symbolism, Point Of View And Flashback In The Novel The Last Good Man By Patience Swift

Lets look at the Symbolism, Point of View and Flashback in the story

"The Last Good Man". The query on how what way to the information

relating to the impact of those three literary devices will now be


Starting with Symbolism, The title of the novel symbolised Death. Many

scenes in the story are due to death of someone or something at the

verge of death: the tourist drowning at the beach was at the verge of

death. Sam came to the village to look after his mother at the verge

of death. Similar applied to Isobel who came to the village after her

mother's death. According to the narrative, Sam died because he

couldn't stand to watch his company taken away. The deaf and dump

little girl in the story was also another element of symbolism; she

wore black which symbolised death_ she was the reason for Sam's death.

Point of view: There is the use of the third person omniscient point

of view in the novel's narration; a third person omniscient narrator

relates how Sam's father died. The little girl at the later end of the

story became the first person omniscient narrator. The author also

used a participatory first person limited narrative voice to describe

the events that led to Isobel decision to leave the girl with Marion.

Flashback: As another literary tool used in the sculpting of the

novel's events, they are inserted in the narrative to give readers

better information on past happenings. It was used by Sam. Isobel also

used it to recall the days when she was fifteen and worked at a

bookstore. She remembered her father's complaints and her mother's

warning. Sam used flashback to recollect when he was a schoolboy, when

he worked on construction site, when he returned to the village to

look after his mother.

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