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The Leo With Wings Flying

I'm the Leo with wings flying
High into the skying
I'm gonna live forever
Never dying
Let me use the best of my time
Investing in businesses
And making my rhymes
For my rhymes
To make me money
To buy the jewelries for my honey
And wine and dine
With my homey
For money surely gives a man
A good life
A good wife
A long living till ninety five
Wealthy family
Healthy living in
Strong harmony
If you really know what I mean
Then gees, please,
Give me your high five
When you see me driving
Up and down
In and out
In the ease of your town
Not listening
To the clowns
Who wanna see me go down
Back down
And live with a frown
Like a broke nigga
Wishing to be a rich nigga
In soliloquizing
Highing with a cigarette
Under a broken covert
Of a bushy inlet
But life is not a puppet
Glory or regret
If you must admit, my friend,
Depends on how you work for it
Not what a lazy wish can permit.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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