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Traffic From Egypt Gets $0.05 CPM From Propeller Ads Media

I wonder why it's still a news that is offering $0.05 CPM (per every 1000 impression advert) for Egypt traffic source. Did you say its too small or did you consider it big? No matter how you feel about the rate, most ads networks dont pay as high as that for Non-European traffic and the plus side to it is that a publisher can also earn additional 5% from the referred publisher's earnings.

It is very important for publishers to avoid any use of fake traffic means like robots, traffic exchange services, scripts e.t.c.

Propeller Ads Media is a UK based ad network serving international ads with more focus on CPM (Cost Per Mille). Propeller Ads Media has been noticed to favor some niche than others; niche like game, technology, entertainment. Same when it comes to GEO rate, US and UK traffics have upper-hand than other GEOs. It also pays higher when pop-under or pop-up is used than the use of banner and light-box. (Special banner rates are only given to websites with 10000 impressions per day).

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