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Ways To Edit AdWords Keyword For Better Advert Campaign

For the past 5 hours, has been on a scavenger mission of searching how what way to correctly edit AdWords keyword for better advert campaign. The following steps according to Google is the sure bet:-

>>> Step 1) Sign in to your AdWords account at

>>> Step 2) Click the ad group or campaign you want to edit.

>>> Step 3) Depending on the type of campaign you have, follow these steps:

>>> Step 3a) If your campaign type is "Search Network only" or "Search Network with Display Select," click the Keywords tab.

>>> Step 3b) If your campaign targets the Display Network only, click the Display Network tab, and then the Display Keywords tab.

>>> Step 4) Click the keyword to instantly edit the word itself or its match type. To pause or enable the keyword, click the status icon drop-down that's next to the keyword and select Enabled or Paused. To edit the keyword's bid, click the bid amount in the "Max. CPC" column.

>>> Step 5) Click save.

NOTE:- Before you jump straight into editing, make sure the automatic bidding feature is turned off so you'll be able to edit your bids. If you don't set a keyword-specific bid, the ad group default bid will apply and it will be listed in gray in the "Max. CPC" column of your keywords table

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