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Now That I Have A Potbelly

Now that I have a potbelly
I have two choices
Shamefully live with it
Shamefully brag about it
As if a good thing
Calling it
My beer-belly
Calling it a sign of good living
This balloon belly of mine
Don't think it is beer
A thing I despair
Tasting bitter
Foaming everywhere
Dimming the eyes
A mentor I have yesterday
Is falling into gutters
Dirty drainages
Two more bottles
Capable of
Digging out skeletons hidden
I hate to fall a victim of these
Abnormal smiling
Dosing while awake
When I'm not even a choir minister
Dancing to the song of immoral lessons
Hyper-admiring every feminine behind;
Now that I have a potbelly
I'll pay more of time to gymnasiums.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(The Leo with wings flying)

Congratulations To Real Madrid FC For Winning 2016 UEFA Champions League Trophy

The original source of these two images are from
As a very big fan of Real Madrid FC and a diehard fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, is so overwhelmed with joy seeing Real Madrid FC winning the 2016 UEFA Champions League trophy.

Many online analysts and statistics had predicted that the trophy would go to Athletico Madrid based on the fact that most Real Madrid footballers were nursing one injury or the other.

God knows how unhappy we would have been watching CR7 shed tears while Athletico Madrid Football Team dance around the stadium with the UEFA Champions League trophy but thank God for such did not happen to we Real Madrid fans.

Up Real Madrid!
Up Sergio Ramos!
Up Cristiano Rinaldo!

How To Create A Standard Privacy Policy Within Seconds

This post is to discuss how I've been able to create five different Privacy Policy pages for five different blogs within seconds. It is reasonable for a website or blog to have Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page. Not having them is better than having a non-carefully written one or having a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions that is copied from another website.

It tells your website visitor that you are, to certain extent, an open and transparent web admin with nothing to hide and no dubious intention.

A very well written Privacy Policy should tell your visitors a little about your website, and any special information or functions that your website has. If your website has special conditions for collecting information from children (under 16 etc), you should state them clearly. Not only that, a good Privacy Policy should include your use of cookies to gather information logged by your servers, such as hostnames and IP addresses.

It should state how your information stored plus how you or the website admin can be contacted via email, office address or online filling of form.

Now, let me spare you of tautologies. Ever since I've discovered, the headache of creating a standard Privacy Policy page has come to an end. A Google search will dish you numerous lists of websites that can create you a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions but has a Privacy Policy generator that requires no stress and it cost no money and time. All that is required of you is to sign-up for free. will also blow your mind with its free download of Click Magazine. The magazine is free and accessible to all registered member not only that, the theme of the magazine is so dazzling and all the articles in the magazine columns do teach how to be a very lucrative blogger. Based on personal opinion, is very awesome.

Should I Affiliate With WarriorPlus Or WarriorForum (Learn The Truth)

WarriorForum is one of the well-known forums where newbies and all levels of internet marketers discuss matters relating to Internet and affiliate marketing (in short, it's the internet paradise for hustlers and newcomers). If your question is "Where Should I Sell?" then, both WarriorForum and WarriorPlus are not out of the equation. One can learn more about selling information products, website building, SEO, backlinks, email marketing, newsletter promotion and whatever have to do with internet marketing topics on WarriorForum. How Do You Now Sell On WarriorForum, If All You Have To Do Is Learn? This question brings us to the issue of WarriorPlus. Those selling their affiliate links via WarriorForum are registered member of WarriorForum and they are only allowed to promote their WarriorPlus affiliate links.

WarriorPlus can be referred to as the sibling of WarriorForum. It is a marketplace for internet marketers (both vendors and merchants). If  you finally make up your mind to become an Affiliate through WarriorPlus, you may be required to provide a tax identification number or fill out a W9 if you earn more than $600.

In addition, as an affiliate, promoting a WarriorPlus-powered product, all advertising, marketing, mailing, or promotion must be CAN-SPAM compliant, FTC Act compliant, compliant with the FTC guidelines regarding testimonials and earnings claims, and must include a working unsubscribe link that allows the receiver to be unsubscribed immediately.

You are not allowed to post any Affiliate links on WarriorForum, whether it is in a BuySellTrade (BST) section, WSO of the day section, in your signature, or anywhere else for the purpose of soliciting sales.

It is also not welcome for affiliates to practice any fraud or deceitful marketing strategy with WarriorPlus-powered products; endeavor to view the WarriorPlus Terms And Conditions.

According to many internet complains regarding some shady marketers on WarriorForum, my candid advice is for you to make a difference; be a honest and trustworthy marketer, be careful of those desperate marketers trying to pour sands in your cup of coffee. Life is full of trials and errors, so always be willing to add to your life experiences.

When Is The Gear Correctly Adjusted

When sufficient shims have been removed, by turning the steering wheel it will be noticed that at one position, near the centre, a "high spot" will be felt for about one or two inches of movement of the rim of the steering wheel, and on either side of this "high spot" it will again become free. If the clearance is again tried at the end of the drop-arm, it will be noticed that at either side of this "high spot" the amount of clearance gradually increases until it reaches its maximum at the extreme ends. The cam is purposely made like this because the amount of wear on a steering gear is not uniform, more wear taking place in the centre than at the ends, and if, after wear, the gear is adjusted so that no backlash is evident in the centre, it would be too tight at the ends. By making the cam with a definite and permissible clearance at the ends, however, it is possible to adjust the gear with very little clearance in the centre position.


Always endeavor to share, if you like this post. An automobile mechanic who loves to blog on mobile device.

Understanding The Functions Of The Gearbox

A gearbox is the compartment for the part that connects the engine of a vehicle to the wheels and controls the speed at which the wheels turn (either manually or automatically); in its simplest form a gearbox is the box-like home of an automobile gear system. A gearbox carries different forms of bearings to aid adjustment of speed and movement.

The maximum working speed of most motor engines is about 3,000 R. P. M. (despite the day-by-by technical-technological advancements). The maximum speed required by the road wheels is about 700 R. P. M. The reduction in rotating speeds between the crankshaft of the engine and the road wheels is accomplished by the gearbox and the differential gearing. The difference in speeds is made variable by the gearbox (which makes speed increase or decrease among the functions performed by the gearbox). A selection of three or four ratios and a reverse are generally provided, together with a "neutral" which enables the engine and propeller shaft to be disconnected mechanically (and by so doing, creates a freewheel function of the gearbox).

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What Is Max's Attitude Towards Racial Relations In Native Son By Richard Wright (WASSCE MAY/JUNE 2016 LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH)

Besides the capitalist-communist factor, the issue of racial discrimination cannot not be ignored when discussing the themes of Native Son by Richard Wright. It is crystal clear that the Whites' oppression of the Blacks is the background of Bigger's temerity and crimes and such actions brought Max into his wholesome roles played in the novel.

Max being a communist and a public defender is of the believe in racial equality in spite of the fact that he's White. He voluntarily offered to defend Bigger in his murder trial; he did all he could to convince the court of law that Bigger was a circumstantial prey.

Like must communists, Max was hard to succumb to anything contrary to his ideology. Bigger at some point advised him to stop trying to defend him. Several times before Bigger's arraignment, Buckley also tried to make him stop defending Bigger but Max's communistic spirit and love for racial equality kept him strong.

Do And Don't For Automobile Engines


<<< Do fill the tank with clean fuel.

<<< Do make sure the engine stop control is right in, run position, when starting.

<<< Do depress the throttle pedal fully when starting.

<<< Do use correct grade of oil for prevailing climatic conditions.

<<< Do change C. A. V. filter element regularly; also clean sediment bowl.

<<< Always prime fuel system if any part of the fuel lines or filters are disconnected.

<<< Do eliminate air from the fuel system and make sure all connections are tight.

<<< If the engine stops without apparent reason, make sure that fuel is reaching the distributor pump.

<<< Do use a recommended grade of fuel.

<<< Do use heater plugs with engine cold to conserve batteries.


<<< Don't allow fuel to get low in tank. Replenish when blue warning light flashes.

<<< Don't allow the batteries to get in a discharged condition.

<<< Don't misuse the starter switch. Wait until the engine comes to rest before each application.

<<< Don't use dirty fuel. Ensure that fuel storage tanks are kept in a very clean condition and exclude dust and water.

<<< Don't attempt to start the engine unless the pump is primed with fuel

<<< Don't attempt to rectify the distributor pump. Send it to the nearest C. A. V. agent and fit a service unit.

<<< Don't allow hands and eyes to come in contact with spray from an injector nozzle, when testing.

<<< Don't run engine without ensuring that the water is to the correct level in the radiator, otherwise overheating may occur with risk of nozzle sticking and other troubles.

<<< Don't over tighten bolts, nuts and fuel connections.

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Procedure For Replacing Automobile Coolant (7 steps)

Clean the cooling system and replace the coolant at the specified intervals. If the radiator gets clogged or coolant is seriously contaminated, get your vehicle inspected.


#1 After the radiator cap has been removed, loosen the drain plugs at the bottom of the radiator and at the engine to discharge the coolant.

#2 With drain plugs refilled, pour in soft water (preferably hot water) from the radiator filler port. Start the engine and let it run at high idle until the coolant temperature becomes 85° C or higher. Keep running the engine for another ten minutes, and then discharge the water. Repeat this procedure until the drained water runs completely clean.

#3 Pour the required amount of antifreeze or antirust into the radiator and add distilled water to the brim of the radiator cap.

#4 With the radiator cap removed, run the engine for a while to bleed air from the cooling system.

#5 Stop the engine and check for the coolant level. If the level is low, add coolant to the brim of the radiator cap.

#6 Reinstall the radiator cap in position.

#7 Pour the required amount of antifreeze into the reservoir tank and add soft water to the level marked "full" and replace the cap in position.

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Discussion The Relationship Between Nii Kpakpo And Maa Tsuru In Faceless By Amma Darko (WASSCE 2016 LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH)

It could be agreed that Maa Tsuru was manipulated out her vulnerability but the love relationship between Nii Kpakpo and Maa Tsuru was such an unreasonable one built on lies, deceit and shamelessness.

Maa Tsuru who was mother to Baby T. and Fofo can tagged irresponsible and shameless. She was unable to properly cater for her children due to the burden of single parenting yet started an untidy second love relationship despite her first marital failure that kept her and the children in their present state of mess.

Nii Kpakpo is also a shameless, heartless, jobless drunkard; who took advantage of Maa Tsuru's state of loneliness. He was homeless, only to move in with Maa Tsuru and added to her burdens under the guise of being love with her. He was such an ingrate to point that he sexually abused Baby T (one of Maa Tsuru's daughters).

Maa Tsuru believed Kpakpo's lie of being temporarily out of his factory job, she also fell for the lie that as soon as he got his job back, he would be taking good care of her. In this wise, they began living together in an uncomfortable one room to the extent that Maa Tsuru's abnormal love led her to partition the single room so that her and Nii Kpakpo could be sharing privacy.

Difference Between Africa By David Diop And Africa By Raphael Armattoe

David Diop (1927-1960) wrote a poem titled "Africa" and Raphael Armattoe (1913-1953) also wrote a poem titled "Africa". This post intends to view the difference between the idea of both poets as regards the title "Africa".

David Diop's poem "Africa" talks about the colonial and slavery of Africans, at the middle of the poem he wrote: "The work of your slavery/Africa, tell me Africa/ Is this your back that is unbent/ This back that never breaks under the weight of humilation/ This back trembling with red scars/ And saying no to the whip under the midday sun" Diop further personified the African continent as an angry elder who was aware of the impending revolution, and chided him for thinking rash thoughts.

On the other hand, Raphael Armattoe in the poem "Africa" talks about Africans irrational embrace of western lifestyle than African culture. In the poem, Raphael was addressing a lady who he taught was sad but the response of the lady made him realise that she wasn't sad but sick and dying due to arrogance and nonchalance of the people around. If the poem is to be viewed from its connotative meaning, the lady Armattoe was addressing is Africa, and Africa (as the mother of Africans) was feeling cold and numb because her children were dying as a result of not listening to the ways of their mother, Africa.

Another difference to note is that David Diop's "Africa" was longer in length than Raphael Armattoe's "Africa".


Unbelievable Airtel Browsing Plan

Below are very unbelievably awesome Airtel browsing data plans:

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With *438*1# you can get 7GB at N3,500; valid for 30 days

With *444*amount# you can recharge your airtime from your bank account without using the ATM

With *500# you can borrow airtime and pay later

with *432*1# you can share your airtime with whoever you wish

With the following numbers, you can talk to Airtel call centre agents as fast as possible on WhatsApp:
So reach out to Airtel ON THE GO; do it LIVE on your WhatsApp.

Before You Choose Revenuehits To Monetize Your Traffic

It has been the case_ time and time again. New website owners hear the lauding, the praises showered on a particular third party advertising network (once they hear such advert network pay so high as $4-$10 per mille) they swiftly jump on it without proper assessment. Even the so-called pros, who have done their justified homeworks, still end up in the same ditch.

Some later post their scam testimonials on any advertisement forum they can find because they felt cheated; on their own parts, yes. But on some other people's part, the story is different because one man's meat, is another man's poison.

Here is what they failed to understand, most especially if such victims are to be blaming Revenuehits:-

"Some publishers enjoy a ratio of up to 30$ eCPM while others make only few cents with their traffic. eCPM depends on many factors uncontrolled by RevenueHits, such as ads positioning, traffic geo, users' behaviour, site content etc. With a decent amount of traffic, RevenueHits will provide you maximum-efficiency within few days, including all remnant traffic up to 100% fulfilment of traffic potential."

Guilty Heart

My tears give up eyes
When not to cry
Each time it dawns on me
There are millions to do
Why should I live without skydiving?
The beans still have some grits within
Oklahoma is still a dream
Jazzing the Junes
Cinderella should be smiling in my drawing book
When will I be able
To sing happy birthday on my
Mouth organ
Or sit back
In that
Most expensive hotel room
To watch my boom?

For I'm The Lord Thy God


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Be Still But Not

Be still but not
Only God knows
What is pushing me
My head echoes
Many different thoughts
As if I'm trekking in
A midday forest
Around twelve o'clock.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(The Leo with wings flying)

They Fear The Tunnel Path

God save them
Perishing for lack of wisdom
Light of freedom
Glowing hope
They quench the light
But fear to tread the tunnel path
Just give me my Bible now
I'm holding my own cross
Smelling my rose
Hatred exists to complement our own love within
Love is surely above all
With love_ abundance calls
With love_ a lily within swims
With love_ a woe betides fear
With love_ a cry; a joyful tear
O rivers of love, pouring in grace and mercy
Pour in my soul peace
To set my soul free
Jesus is solving my heart longings.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

I Poetically Pray For You And Me

Today is Sunday
The day is Sunday

The day angels are packing
All parcels of prayers to heaven

From the priestly potion of my heart
I poetically pray for you and me

Longevity is of the earth
Longevity will continually be for you and me

No river ever flow in backwardness
Backwardness is not for you and me

The sun always shines in glorification
Glorification will always be for you and me

When gaping is not on the wall,
Wall gecko will never find a way in

No sorrow will ever have a way
Into the life of you and me

The blowing breezes can only ventilate the iroko tree
They can never uproot the tree

All breezes blowing to and fro
Will continually favor you and me

With the power placed in ask-and-you-shall-receive
Everlasting wealth is for you and me

With the power kept in seek-and-you-shall-find
Good health is for you and me

With the power placed in knock-and-it-shall-open
Doors of opportunity is for you and me

From this day and forevermore
God's kingdom is for you and me.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Summary Of Africa By Raphael Armattoe

Raphael in the poem "Africa", was addressing a lady who he taught was sad but the response of the lady made him realise that she wasn't sad but sick and dying due to arrogance and nonchalance of the people around. If the poem is to be viewed from its connotative meaning, the lady Armattoe was addressing is Africa, and Africa (as the mother of Africans) was feeling cold and numb because her children were dying as a result of not listening to the ways of their mother, Africa. The poem is a prove of Raphael Armattoe's vast imaginative reasoning. Since the poet could imagine that if Africa happened a human being, what would her complains be?

Simplicity has been the poetic trait of Raphael Armattoe. All his poems are simple but deep, including this one. The poem took the form of a very short dialogue with repetitions at the end of the first two lines. The tone of the poet at the first four lines is rhythmically sweet like that of a guy who wants to woo a lady but the remaining lines of the poem have a plaintiff tone complaining. The maiden is a metaphor for Africa as suggested by the title of the poem. Besides the use of metaphor, alliterations are as well obvious in the poem. In line 2, "sitting by the wayside, sad and lonely" in line 6, "deaf amid dumb".

Armattoe used maiden instead of mother as a suspense and also to show that Africa is never aging but her children grow old and die.
The simple message the poem is passing is that Africans should embrace more<!--more--> of their own culture and be safe.

I once saw a maiden dark and comely,
Sitting by the wayside, sad and lonely.
Oh! Pretty maiden, so dark and comely
Why sit by the wayside, sad and lonely?
‘I am neither sad nor lonely,’ She said,
‘But living, sir, among the deaf amid dumb;
Relentlessly watching these shameless dead,
Makes my warm heart grow very cold and numb.’

Copyright © Raphael Armattoe
all rights reserved.

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Analysis Of Not My Business By Niyi Osundare

The very first time I saw Not My Business By Niyi Osundare, I so much liked it. Not My Business is far beyond a poem, a poem sculptured by a professional poetic artist which recalled a past experience. Niyi narrated the poem through the third and the first person point of view. As a Nigerian or anyone who has witnessed military oppression, the poem is an easy recap of unjust governance; where fundamental human rights are trampled upon_ no free movement, no free association, no freedom of speech, etc. Like a folk tale, the poem shows the implication of neighbors not standing up to assist their neighbour in need of help. The poem has a Nigerian setting as regards the the names of victims mentioned by the poem-speaker; Akanni (a Yoruba name) Danladi (a Hausa name) Chinwe (an Igbo name).

Few of the figures of speech in the poem are:
1) Simile is figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another, in the case of English generally using like or as. Example from the poem is "Beat him soft like clay" in line 2.

2) Refrain is a figure of speech that repeats a certain line or stanza in a literary work of art in order to create musical effect. Example from the poem is;
"What business of mine is it
So long they don’t take the yam
From my savouring mouth?"

3) Symbolism is a figure of speech that uses the representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings of objects or qualities to represent such object. Example from the poem is Akanni, Danladi, and Chinwe which symbolized the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. "a lengthy absence" in line 11 is a symbolic imagery which means a long imprisonment.

4) Metaphor is a figure of speech that uses a word or phrase to refer to something that it isn’t, invoking a direct similarity between the word or phrase used and the thing described, but in the case of English without the words like or as, which would imply a simile. Example from the poem is "A knock on the door froze my hungry hand" where knock at the door was compared to very cold weather.

5) Alliteration is the repetition of consonants at the beginning of two or more words im<!--more-->mediately succeeding each other, or at short intervals. Example from the poem is "hungry hand" "went to work" "sack for a stainless record".

6) Personification is a figure of speech, prosopopeia, in which an inanimate object or an abstraction is given human qualities. Example from the poem is "Only to find her job was gone" in line 16, "And stuffed him down the belly/ Of a waiting jeep" in lines 3-4.

The theme in the poem are:
1) Victimization; many lines of the poem shows how different poetic characters suffer different forms of injustices. Akanni beaten for no reason, Danladi jailed without due process, Chinwe suffered job insecurity.

2) Tyranny and dictatorship; all the acts of brutality in the poem are clear traits of a tyrant dictator. And following the context of the poem, the poet reminded the readers of the Nigerian military brutality (which has now become a once-upon-a-time story)

3) What goes around comes around; is also another theme of the poem which teaches the lesson of oneness and unity. Many victims in the poem suffered abuses because there is no unity among people of such country; everyone is living for himself/herself alone. When every others are brutalised, the poem-speaker felt unconcerned until he was brutalised as well.

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying) <!--more-->

To Browse Facebook Free With Airtel

Airtel Africa (which has Airtel Nigeria under its umbrella) has made it possible for Airtel customers to access their facebook account for free; and for the past seven days, I've been accessing my facebook fanpage and notification for free with

On the 10th of May, the following was posted on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook timeline:

"Today we're partnering with Airtel Africa to launch Free Basics in Nigeria.
There's a lot of innovation across Africa right now, and Nigeria in particular is home to a lot of talented developers.
In 2009, Olalekan Elude, Ayodeji Adewunmi and Opeyemi Awoyemi started a site called Jobberman in their dorm to help connect people looking for work with companies looking to hire. Now Jobberman is one of the top 100 websites in Nigeria, and it gets 5,000 applications every day.
Free Basics offers Nigerians, including 90 million people who are currently offline, the opportunity to access news, health information and services like Jobberman that were built by Nigerians and other developers across West Africa -- all without having to pay for data.
Free Basics is now live in more than 40 countries, and half of those are in Africa. Over the next few months, we'll be doing even more to connect developers with people who can use their apps -- and partner with local companies to bring internet to people across Africa who don't have access to mobile networks.
In the meantime, I'm excited to see what Nigerians build next!"

So many people have been searching hard to understand the trick Facebook is trying to play with its newly introduced Free Basics but to be candid, the trick is simple. The so-called free-facebook access given to members is not absolutely free but a way to lure them to linger longer with Facebook than other social media network sites.

Most of the developing countries are now internet conscious to the level that their online surfing is very very high but in the last two years, Facebook viewership from these developing countries has drastically reduced due to competition from 2go, Badoo, BBM and most especially Whatsapp. The ease of social connectivity plus flexibility in terms of internet data consumption has made these networks beat Facebook hands down.

One of the means with which Facebook has devised to climb back into the wrestling ring is through this partnership with Airtel Africa; since all those social networks cannot presently be bought like Instagram. One may wonder why should it be Airtel alone but not all communication networks? Other communication networks might not be willing to agree with the unbelievable terms and conditions of the partnership. Airtel Africa has been able to win back its customers in Africa through its free-this-free-that theory.

At present, only works for those accessing the internet via Airtel connection and whenever in use, images, videos, adverts that are supposed to appear alongside each post will not be visible (why? Because is a special sub-domain which creates a sketched account from the original account for anyone accessing Facebook via Airtel connection); if such customer wants to have access to images, videos, then, data charges will be enabled. It shows that the free Facebook surfing is not absolutely free.

The Lady Parents Hide From Me

The lady parents hide from me
Hides from parents to be with me
Give me your reason I should deny she
Why shouldn't I massage her knees?
Why can't she lie down on my knees?
In quiet places,
She calls me sweet I call her miss
While resting comfortably in my arms
She shared our pics on Instagram
To show the world she's with Sam
Each time I look into her eyes
Her eye always replies
Singing loud for my rings
But yesterday, I found her crying
"O Baby!
Why are these your tears falling?"
She replied
"I worry how to make thee a better man"
O my laby,
Let no uncertainty cloud your affection
Be glad I'm your imperfect perfection,
The complement that betters your exes

Since two perfect lover is like two captains
Sailing in one ship.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Sailing To Mary The King Of Portugal (Tudors: Season One)

Forcefully, the king has betrothed thee
To an old king
And now we're sailing

Are you willing to give up your chosen
And live as fools
In your brother's shoes?

Lets make love_ here on the ship_
Pull me in, hold my hips
While I kiss your lips

If loving someone is such a treason
Then a good reason
To rot in prison.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Who Can Remove Dishonesty In Buying And Selling

Many things
Make men sad
Make men angry
Reason it
A soldier
Who suddenly is now poor
A Nobel laureate
Who time
Has suddenly made
Lost respect
A saint
Who is now digging and doing evils
Push the adult skins into
Like the life of a merchant
Wrong deeds are
Inevitable preys they feed on
Every seller is guilty of sin
We all have sinned
Since life is a marketplace
And profit is all we seek
Those who want to be rich
Are pushing others off the bridge
Some pretend
They fear their God
Only God
Is His.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

National Anthem Of Nigeria (Currently Accepted)

Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey
To serve our fatherland
With love and strength and faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace, and unity.

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause
Guide our leaders right
Help our youth and truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

NOTE: This Nigerian national anthem became effective from 1978 till date.

National Anthem Of Nigeria (Old)

Nigeria, we hail thee
Our own dear native land.
Though tribe and tongue may differ.
In brotherhood we stand
Nigerians all and proud to serve
Our sovereign motherland.

Our flat shall be a symbol
That truth and justice reign
In peace or battle honour.
And this we count as gain
To pass unto our children
A banner without stain.

O God of all creation
Grant this our one request
Help us to build a nation
Where no man is oppressed
And so with peace and plenty Nigeria may be blessed.

Composed by L. Jean Williams and was used as national anthem of Nigeria from 1960-1978.

You Stole My Heart

You stole my heart.....

You stole my heart when I wasn’t looking or expecting

With your radiant smile, you swept me away

With your warm eyes you drew me close to you like a magnet

You stole it without any effort on your part

You stole it right under my nose

And I thought I had thrown away the keys to my heart

How did you do it, how did you unlock it and how did you steal it

You stole my heart with who you are

If it’s for keeps, you can keep my heart because I know you will guard it with your life

You will keep it pure and loving

If its wiling away time, of which I doubt, please can I have my heart back

Lest I die of unrequited love, and never know pure reciprocated love

You stole my heart

You stole it because of your big good uncontaminated heart

Because of your heart that overflows with love and adoration

You know how to share, give and not expect anything back

You see the best in people, you see potential

You never look down on those you love

I am over the moon when in your company

My face stretches wide in laughter in a way it never knew

You awaken what was once buried and you make me feel like a woman again

You stole my heart and I hope I stole yours too....................

© Copyright Tarry. All rights reserved.
Poem Source= <a href="" rel="no follow"></a>

The Red Sun by Adewumi Benedict Olumide

As the day woke up from its cloudy bed
It appeared above the roof of my head.
I did not set my eyes upon the sun myself
But as the bell of time had done its part,
With the day tasting some form of light,
I knew the sun should be above
And that all workers should be prepared for work by then.
I had nothing to slap my sleep to bed
For joblessness has nailed my legs since when
The flute of time had blown itself for me to stop
My studies and then lead my way to join others who
Had nothing to offer the world but to be a part of
The jobless race, created by the virtue of a certificate.
But on this day, the sun was red
No yellowness crowded its surface.
I didn't see this just at first
But found out as I rose to take a walk to the bar-woman's pot,
From where each day I take my death.
The sun was red that day, I swear,
It was full of blood from end to end
Its diameter was not like at all
But became more red, from the centre where it was core.
I was scared to see this at first
For what evil could be at hand.
I thought it was the Apocalypse at sight
But it was not, rather it was a sign.
The sun had a purpose of its own
Of which it decided to revoke
The sun was still alive by then,
But it was no longer a sun
Rather a dead red ball.
Then it took me by surprise
That I was a sun too
Now red, now dead, without a head.
Just like the red sun deads itself,
Someone suffers my idleness too:
The littles on the streets
The poor I should have inspired,
To them, I'm the red sun.
And at the wake of each day,
As the sun come upon their heads
They see the sun,
Red as usual.

Copyright © Adewumi Benedict Olumide
All rights reserved
A hot contemporary Facebook poet
@ Mide Benedict (Temple Of Words)

By And By (Jumoke Adesewa Olah)

We lost our virtue,
We enslaved our dreams,
under our beneath,
We solved them out,
Our destruction
Through our palm.
We bargained our lives for nudity,
We adjoined in misconceptions,
And false realities that are erupt.
By and by,
We lost our names,
Our cleavage and tits,
To lumps.
Farther we go in quest for good times to come,
Have we laid a foundation to heal the soring wound?
Up we fly,
Like the flies,
Whose death doesnt exceed a day
Down we go in the pit of illusions that can not be 100years realised.
I feel pity for those who do not know they are wrong,
Its really empty of you,
To be ignorant of your own deeds.
Well served are the ones who,
Who adequately pay at their own pay price.
By and by our generation is falling, We will serve those who are coming,
Whose heart shall be founded of truth and wages of our own sin.
Remember it is written and those who had written a many,
Must prove to the world,
Through their own skin.

Copyright © Jumoke Adesewa Olah
All rights reserved.
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Wisdom Rescued Lot

Escaped the flame roasting five cities
Like the roasted ram during festivities
Their ungodly living was evident
Their wicked ways were apparent
The barren land so worm-suffering
Plants therein never bearing
A pillar of salt stood a monument
To them who did not believe it
Calling it a comedy
Painting it a fallacy
They ignored the sunlight of wisdom
Couldn't tell the right from wrong
The remains of their cities are reminding
All eyes of their failure and falling
But wisdom rescued Lot alone;
Lot alone from the danger blown.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

3 Themes Of Lonely Days By Bayo Adebowale

Lonely Days is authored by Bayo Adebowale, an educator and a writer. Bayo Adebowale is an Associate Professor at the Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun state. Lonely Days has a storyline about a widow who against all odds became celebrated in her community due to hardwork and independence.

Below are 3 irrefutable themes in the story:
(i) Disadvantages of widowhood
(ii) Gender inequality among Africans
(iii) Hardwork and self-esteem

The story placed its protagonist (who is a widow) through the disadvantages of widowhood. Yaremi (the protagonist) in her black mourner's attires, has not fully got over the sorrow of losing her husband (Ajumobi) when other negative effects of widowhood began to pile. She became lonely fending for herself alone yet the envies and criticism from the people of Kufi village made matters worse; like other widows, Yaremi was expected to be down in self-esteem but she was not, she was expected to depend her living on another man in Kufi but she didn't.
According to the storyline, Fayoyin, who was also a widow, was made to lick libation and sing dirge at her husband's death; and her beautifully woven hair was shaved to bard skull. Other disadvantages the widow characters face in the story are castigation, maltreatment, forceful second marriage, etc.

Gender inequality has been a very big issue in Africa, both in urban and in rural parts. In Lonely Days, the issue surfaced among dwellers of Kufi village. The men are highly placed above women and women are meant to have cold feet whenever issue between man and women arise. Even a Yoruba proverb says "let a man pee while walking and a woman pee while walking and we shall see which one will wet her legs with urine".
One of the ways with which men prove their superiority over women in Kufi village is the forceful cap-picking which is organized for the widows; in such event, men interested in such a widow will submit their cap for the widow to pick one.

Hardwork and self-esteem are made to be the treasures of women in Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale. Those who possess both are gloried as in the case of Yaremi, the novel's protagonist and widow. She is a dedicated mother who not only believe in herself but also in female emancipation and empowerment due to her vast experience and exposure. Yaremi was so hardworking to the level that her trade was known across surrounding villages.

God Is Calling You, You Said You're Defecating

God is calling you, you said you're defecating;
I pity the vulcanizer struggling to be club organizer
Hmmm... to God be the glory
This tram is moving the fate way
No wonder I'm Chukwudi
(There-is-god or God-dey)

When dug out of mother's belly
Like a breathing tuber of yam
Mother was glad with fun
Cuddling me... so handsomely
Instead of them to bring me
Gold, silver and frankincense
They condemned my mommy
"Are you glad?" they said to her"
What nonsense?" they asked her
"Did you born Jesus Christ?"

Look at me now preaching
Preaching the gospel of poetic living
Residing in permanent peaceful valor
Though I'm devoted to sinning
Still they call me pastor! pastor!!
Every nook and cranny I step in
Pastor of poetic religion
Whatever flows in naturally
Is worth believing
Denied destiny
Tortured to fatigue and complaining

The hoof
Is complaining of always wearing shoes
The swan
Is complaining of having no clog-shoe

Can a soldier march with rubber slippers?
Can a diver swim with Timberland boots?

Whatever we are
Is what we should be at the moment
Whether celebrity or bedroom king
God is the author of everything
I do poetry not because I'm a clown
This is fate written down.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The World Won't Stop To Rotate

The fastest car will worn out
The wisest
Professor will part with his office
In cases of tyrants
Death will come in
To kidnap them in beds
While plants bear buds
Buds become flowers
When flowers fallout
The world won't stop to rotate
To and fro
Ups and downs
In and out
Higgling and haggling
Picking and packing
Forming activities
That is what life is
The world won't stop to rotate
No matter what it is
We are at the tarmac of life
Living our lives
Year in year out
Dwindle quick
Weaken out
Every new month
There is full moon
If you like
Be glad
Or be sorrowfully living
The world won't stop to rotate.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Women With Their Beauties

Beauty of women is within
But amazing
I see them stay
Too long in the saloon
Crafting weaving
Leaving me wondering
What manner
Of human is women?

As simple as a cake
Wonderful women
Bake their own possibilities_
Mannerless women
Await manna to fall in

Why is it at forties
The worries of
Form and facial deformities
Overshadow many mommies?
No matter how old

A woman is
No matter how child bearing
Has collapsed their virginities
Leaving little relics

Women always wear
A beautiful soul
So motherly,
So dinerly,
So enduring.
The true beauty of a woman is
In the heart she carries;
Never dying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Parable Of Dollars Aids Investing

Some people believe in parable
But still perambulating
Yes, my verse
Might come to thee
Like acid in making
Not to burn human skin
Investing investment
Big or minute
Integrity lives within
The Parable Of Dollars
Haven't you noticed
Works like magic
All investment novices
Are prove
To this
Haven't you
Read it?
No debate
No doubting
Are lack of understanding
Eye blinking_ no debate for it
Nose breathing_ no doubt about it
Through the mouth of human beings
Foods must go in
Is all education with tuition fee?
Take this my tutoring
Let my truth set your life rolling
And the truth shall set you free
If you're disciplined
The Parable Of Dollars
Aids investing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Radiator And The Act Of Draining The Automobile Cooling System

A radiator is a device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air, through metal fins. Here, we are referring to vehicle radiator which differs from the radiator use at homes. As regards the vehicle radiator, sometimes check for its cleanliness by having it cleaned when necessary, using compressed air directed from the engine side of the radiator towards the front end of the vehicle.

Due to the active circulation of water within the engine cooling system and to the intentional delay in the opening of the thermal switch, permitting quicker heating action when the car is started, water level in the radiator is maintained at 2 inches approximately below the filler orifice, and as the water is stirred vigorously by the action of the pump, any excess amount will overflow during the first few miles. It is therefore pointless to fill the radiator beyond the above level. Besides, frequent topping up in excess of the normal level will result in lowering the percentage of anti-freeze dangerously.

To drain the automobile cooling system for the purpose of repair or flushing:

>>> Remove radiator filler plug. Set ventilation control lever to the "warm" position to permit draining of the heating system radiator.

>>> Remove the draining plug located at the rear right-hand side of the cylinder block.

When draining the cooling system, always make provision for the anti-freeze solution, except at time of yearly flushing operation.

To make sure that draining is normal:

>>> Open drain cock located at the bottom rear end of the radiator. When filling the radiator, check the cylinder-block plug seal ring for proper tightness and make sure that the drain cock is closed.

When the engine has been in operation for a few minutes, and after the heating system radiator has filled up completely, check the engine radiator for proper level.

Always visit your local mechanics and pay them well. This is a post from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on mobile tablet.

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Relate The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters To A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

A stitch in time saves nine, is an idiomatic expression which means that whatever needs to be done should be done immediately before it gets worsened, like a hole in a cloth that requires stitching but is not stitched; in later time, holes in such cloth will become nine.

The Panic Of Growing Older by Lenrie Peters is a poem where the poet is preoccupied with varying expected achievements that should accompany each stage of human adulthood. Lenrie Peters stated his observation between the age range of twenty (where worries of achievement is very mild) to the older stages of human adulthood (where worries of achievement is at the higher level).

As opinions may vary from person to person, is of the opinion that the line 1-4 of the poem, suits the idiomatic expression that says: "a stitch in time saves nine"

"The panic/ of growing older/ spreads fluttering winds/ from year to year" which means that the panic, a person has towards his/her aging process will alw<!--more-->ays increase year in year out; and according to the idiomatic expression, if such a person does not do what is expected of him/her at each stage of his/her adulthood, situations will pile up and get worsen.

Lenrie Peters says that "At twenty" a person is full of hope for "gigantic success" but starting from age thirty, it's a different ball game where such person will start developing unnecessary troubles that even laboratory tests won't detect. As hope does not level up with achievements, the panic increased the more the person remembers that humans have no certainty of living.

Lenrie Peters was born in the year 1932; he was a Gambian writer, poet, singer, broadcaster and a surgeon. He studied in Gambia, Sierra Leone and England.
He published his collection of poems titled Satellites in 1967. Though renowned for his poems, he has a novel to his credit titled The Second Round; he later died in the year 2009.

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)<!--more-->

12 Reasons Your Husband Will Beat You To Coma

You arrogant wives, always claiming absurd equality_

Listen to reasons, your husband won't beat you to coma

Are you a powerful politician or a strong human right activist,

Or a soldier or a lawyer, but your husband isn't?

Do you foot the bills since you're so richer than he is,

Or you possess witch crafting and he knows this?

Is your husband bind by covenant not to ever beat thee,

Or over gentle, he can't even hurt a buzzing fly around him?

A high degree of respect he has for your parents,

Or divorce will empty his wallet if you get favored at the court?

Do you possess a chronic disability or periodic insanity or incurable disease

To the extent he has to soberly cope with your gene of arrogance?

Does he know you're capable of planting bomb in his Camry,

Or he know you're capable of mixing poison in his meals?

Does your husband know you're capable of stabbing him in his sleep

Like the Larry Scott of the movie: One Three Hill?

If you have no "yes" to all these, you arrogant wives;

You need to start respecting your husbands like other good wives.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

3 Major Automobile Steering Problems

1) Hard Steering:- This is neither rare nor common but can be found in automobiles of any type, brand, or model. If a hard steering is noticed in a vehicle, the probable cause could be that the tyres are worn and need to be corrected. Another probable cause could be that there is a burst or flat tyre which needs to be figured out and fixed. Another probable cause could be that there is a low tyre inflation pressure which needs to be corrected. Another probable cause could be lack of grease in kingpin and steering linkage; grease should be applied.

2) Pulling To One Side While Steering:- If you notice your vehicle pulls to one particular side while steering, the cause could be that the left and the right tyres are of different sizes and needs to be corrected. Unequal tyre inflation pressure could also be the cause and such cause should be adjusted. Another possible cause could be the loose in wheel nuts which need to be re-tightened. The load in such automobile might weigh in one side than the other and that should be balanced. Another probable cause could be due to the broken spring leaf, and if that is detected to be the cause, a replacement for the broken spring leaf should be made.

3) Shimmy Steering Wheel:- Unevenly worn tyres could cause a shimmying steering wheel; the tyres need to be replaced. Unequal tyre inflation pressure could also cause a shimmying steering wheel and in such case, adjustment should be made. Loose in wheel nuts could also cause a shimmying steering wheel; the wheel nuts need to be re-tightened.

NOTE:- It is always advisable to visit your local mechanics and pay them well. A healthy automobile assures safety of lives and properties.

This is a post from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on his mobile tablet.

Democratic Republic Of Congo

Democratic Republic Of Congo
We are better than no
Enjoying our independent flow

No matter how poverty strives
We live our humble lives
We feed our wards and wives

So braver than Buffalo
And better than no
We're enjoying our independent flow

Yes, no crude oil
We faithfully till our soil
Our administration never roil

Can't you see our flag flow
We are better than no
We Democratic Republic Of Congo

To best of our strengths, we clean our nation
The sanitation smoke of our nation
Flows to heaven like the burnt offering

Our name echoes through Sierra Leone
Senegal, back to Sierra Leone
Nigeria, Malawi, Mali, Togo

Terrorism, we leave to God
Epidemics, we leave to God
And all beyond our control are to God

Look at us, we are Congo
Laud us high, we are Congo
Promote us, if you love Congo.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Pomposity In Secretaries To My Bosses

Can't deny this drum beat in my mind
Humility is a blessing
To be humble is to be lifted high
I humble myself
God knows I try
Even Dangote in his grandeur
Does not
See himself better than others
Why is it
The riffraff with tiny opportunities
In every gathering
Act pompous, undermining
Repelling coworkers
Ponderously gaiting all glories
Quickly passing all polygamous abuses
In tiny misdeeds
Like the secretaries to my bosses
Soon a body-bag
Will accommodate such pomposities.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

No Hanky-Panky

Respect in high places is mandatory
No hanky-panky, no dilly-dally
Ask the angels
Ping the deities
Tossing your brains
He with wings
Treading the mazes
Of life three squares
Four compasses
Five keys
To palaces
Un-wishfully kisses
Arms not of wishes
Colour no bleaches
Castle no Queens
Gaze no flashes
Choice no chances
Of calories
Singing mathematics
Thanks Giving is
Pieces by pieces
By norms and faces
Cabinet of invitees
In liquid trays
You pick your beans
As respect is
Mandatory in high places;
No hanky-panky, no dilly-dally.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Only Benefit In Poverty Is

Is a menace
Is a disease
Poverty stinks
So badly as the shoes
With sticky faeces
Walking in clean surroundings

If the trouble of riches
Is like two times two,
Then the trouble of poverty is
Two times
Two times
Four times
Four times four_
Very huge multiples

They say money is
The vehicle of gospels
Then the poor but rich in spirit
Is of no usefulness
So meaningless

The only benefit in poverty is
A man sleeps
With no fear of daemons
Stabbing his heart in his dreams.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

AirtelTRACE Music Star season 2

Airtel TRACE Music Star Season 2 is a journey that is designed to positively change the lives of Airtel customers and music lovers with the vision of carving out a brand new music star for the world to celebrate.

The participating countries are Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Nigeria, Niger, Tanzania, Zambia.

With such ten(10) countries in participation and millions of call entries expected; this 2016 Airtel TRACE Music Star could be yours.

Don't dull, send your song ID to Friends and Family via SMS, Facebook, BBM, etc and increase your chances to win a record deal with Universal Records accompanied with 5million Naira in the AirtelTRACE Music Star season 2.

If you do not have sufficient call or SMS airtime to send your song ID, then dial *500# to receive airtime in instantly!  It's easy and super quick.

Automobile Washing And Polishing

Automobile washing and cleaning is very vital to prolong the life span of any automobile. Any vehicle deserved washing after a long distance travel, or when gone through muddy road, or a dusty road, or has not been washed for a week.

1) When washing the underbody, be careful not to get hurt by sharp edges of metal parts.

2) Avoid using excessive water pressure.

3) Take care not to splash water over the electrical parts in the engine compartment.

4) Do not mix kerosene or other ingredients with the water, as this might dull the finish of the car.

5) Do not wash plastic and resin parts in thinner or gasoline as discoloration or cracks will result

6) Avoid washing your car under strong sunlight or outside under freezing conditions.

7) In cold areas, carefully wipe off moisture from doors and key sluts after the vehicle has been washed. Key slots and rubbers can freeze up if there is water left on them.

1) soften and loosen the mud by using plenty of water.

2) use a sponge for washing your car but avoid rubbing hard with the sponge.

3) use car shampoo if the body is seriously dirty.

4) wash the underbody and the inside of the fender by increasing the pressure of water.

5) completely shut all portions and clean deposits with a sponge.

6) rinse the car with plenty of water.

7) after deposits and dust have been thoroughly washed away, wipe with soft cloth or a well rinsed chamois leather; in such a way that no spots are left.

to polish you automobile, you must be certain to use the suitable waxing products. The application of polish on your vehicle should be once a month or when the coating does not repel water. Do not do the polishing in shade after your vehicle body temperature has fallen below your body temperature.

Okay, you need to know that this post is an online automobile gist from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on a mobile tablet. If you love this post, feel free to share and always pay your local mechanics well.

Analysis: To An Athlete Dying Young By A. E. Housman

One among the many well recognised poems of A. E. Housman is "To An Athlete Dying Young". The poem is an elegy mixed with antithesis to heighten the feeling of sympathy from the readers.

The detail of the poem is about an undisclosed athlete who died very young after few athletic victories. In the poem, it is seen that the same way the athlete was lifted "shoulder-high" during his victories was the same way he was lifted "shoulder-high" at his time of death. The poet is of the believe that to be showered with roses is better than to be worn with laurel; he also believes that the young athlete has made a very wise choice to have died very young when the eyes of the world was still on him, compared to those that outgrow their honours and watch their fame die before their eyes.

Except for the last stanza, the poem has five lines for each stanza and with clear end rhyme pattern of AABBCCDD. The comparison between dying young with fame and dying old with faded fame preoccupied Housman and made him write or compose the poem in a praise tone than sober or sorrowful. There are no much figuratives, imageries, alliterations: "road all runners"(line 5), "Townsman of a stiller town"(line 8), "silence sounds"(line 15), "fleet foot"(line 22), personif<!--more-->ication: "the name died before the man"(line 20), repetition: "shoulder-high", "runners", "town", "man".

Line 1-5, I remembered the time when everyone was full of cheer, they lifted you up, carried round the town for winning trophy for the town.

Line 5-10, smart boy, you've realized that athletic glories don't last so much long; now your remains is carried shoulder-high to your dwelling.

Line 11-15, a youthful laurel will surely wither faster than rose placed in a coffin, and a dead athlete will not have to agonize when his record his beaten.

Line 16-20, now that you're dead, you won't be part of those athletes who outlived the honours or the renowned athletes whose names died before they died.

Line 21-28, now you're laid with your laurel and your championship trophy for the public to see the hero you were.

According to wikipedia article, "A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward Housman 26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936), was an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad. Lyrical and almost
epigrammatic in form, the poems wistfully evoke the dooms and disappointments of youth in the English countryside. Their beauty, simplicity and distinctive imagery appealed strongly to late Victorian and Edwardian taste, and to many early 20th-century English composers both before and after the First World War."

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying) <!--more-->

Examine The Relationship Between Man And Nature In The Solitary Reaper By William Wordsworth

Question:- Examine the relationship between man and nature in The Solitary Reaper.

Answer:- The poem by William Wordsworth; "The Solitary Reaper" is such that gives expression to the overwhelming influence that nature exercises on a romantic poet, especially William Wordsworth. The poem is about the attraction and effects the song from a farming lady had on the poet.

According to the question, "the relationship between man and nature" should be interpreted as "the relationship between human being and his or her environment". This can be viewed in two ways, the relationship between "the solitary reaper"(the lady farmer singing) and her environment, the relationship between the listener(William Wordsworth) and his environment.

Both the singer and Wordsworth(the listener) got united to nature(their present natural environment) with the beauty of music or musical melody. The solitary reaper used her singing to suppress all worries that were assumed by the poet in the context of the poem while the poet, on the other hand, show

How Old Are Disasters Of This World

How old
Are the disasters of this world?

Unanswered question this has been
Within me and all and sundry

Yet, the north vandalises the east
The west tramples upon the south
Oh, if only and only if
The anti-truth will stop fighting the anti-christ
In this universe we live in

Peacefully this universe will be
Titus and Tijani will live amicably

Our only war will be war of
Our own ambitions within us
As destiny is a groping journey
And future of every human being
Is very very foggy

Thirty-nine and above
The older a man grows
The bigger his monsters within
Only the wise man
Can eat his cake and have it still
As Wole and Soyinka did

Why not choose the best defenses
In this chess game of life where
Every king has a single lifespan
To live within

Verily, verily, I say unto thee
One day,
We shall one-by-one depart this worldly
Dwelling certainly, surely.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

How To Bleed The Automobile Brake System

A brake is a device used to slow or stop a vehicle, by friction; often installed on the wheels. Associate phrases are brake pad, brake pedal, brake fluid, brake oil, brake pipe, etc.

If the level of fluid in the reservoir is allowed to fall too low, or if any section of the brake pipe system is disconnected, the brakes will feel "spongy", due to air having been absorbed into the system. This air lock must be removed by bleeding the hydraulic system at the wheel cylinders; bleeding must always be carried out at all wheels, irrespective of which portion of the pipeline is affected. In addition it will be necessary to bleed the servo unit twice on Forward Control models.

The procedure at each point is exactly the same, and is as follows:

1) Attach a length of rubber tubing to the bleed nipple being dealt with, and place the lower end of the tube in a glass jar.

2) Slacken the bleed screw and pump the brake pedal sharply two or three times and then more slowly, pausing at each end of each stroke, until the fluid issuing from the tube shows no sign of air bubbles when the outlet is held below the surface of the fluid in the jar.

3) Hold the tube under the fluid surface and, while holding brake pedal in the depressed position, tighten the bleed screw.

The fluid in the reservoir should be replenished throughout the operation, to prevent another air-lock being formed

For the Forward Control models: Commence by bleeding at the servo unit, situated beneath the front of the vehicle, at the right hand side.

For All models: Slacken the shoe adjustment cams right off. Bleed the wheel cylinder which is farthest from the brake pedal.

Repeat for the other three wheels in turn, finishing at the one nearest the brake pedal.

For the Forward Control models: Re-bleed the servo unit.

For All models: Re-adjust the brakes.

Note particularly that the fluid reservoir for the brake is the outer portion of the combined reservoir.

This post is an internet automobile gist from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on a mobile tablet. If you love this post, feel free to share and always pay your local mechanics well.

The Purpose Of Carburetor

Carburetor is a device in an internal combustion engine where fuel is vaporized and mixed with air prior to ignition.

The purpose of carburetor is to provide a mixture of petrol and air for combustion in the engine. The mixture normally consists of one part (by weight) of petrol and fifteen parts of air, but thin mixture varies quite considerably with temperature and engine speed.

If there is a higher proportion of petrol, the mixture is said to be "rich". A higher proportion of air than said, gives a weak mixture

This short post is an opinion of an automobile mechanic who does blogging on a mobile tablet; if you like this post, feel free to share and always pay your local mechanics well.

Does The Labour Union Cause Inflation

Does the labour union cause inflation?
Only god can answer such question
In nation where labour law is caricature
Misappropriations gracefully grow to maturation
Like a crop prone to a manure fertilisation:
Budget dancing in deficit, Oil imprisoned by scarcity
Who says the labour union is the traitor?
Is the labour union the tax collector?
In terms of preferences, in terms of wage rates
Ask your commissioners, ask your ministers_
Haven't they seen inequality in privates and parastatals?
The labour union leaders can be monsters for sure;
The labour union is a divine heavenly union
Made to bless and protect like the holy communion
To bless and protect
The labourers,
The traders,
The masses rights,
The internal and external
Glory of the nation in general

Children's Crusade 1939

In 'thirty-nine, in Poland
a bloody battle took place,
turning many a town and village
into a wilderness.

The sister lost her brother,
the wife her husband in war,
the child between fire and rubble
could find his parents no more.

From Poland no news was forthcoming
neither letter nor printed word,
but in all the Eastern countries
a curious tale can be heard.

Snow fell when they told one another
this tale in an Eastern town
of a children's crusade that started
in Poland, in 'thirty-nine.

Along the highroads in squadrons
there hungry children tripped,
and on their way picked up others
in villages gutted and stripped.

They wanted to flee from the fighting
so that the nightmare would cease
and one day at last they'd arrive in
a country where there was peace.

They had a little leader
who was their prop and stay.
This leader had one great worry:
he did not know the way.

A girl of eleven carried
a toddler of four without ease,
lacking nothing that makes a mother
but a country where there was peace.

A little Jewish boy marched in the troop,
with velvet collar and cuff,
he was used to the whitest of bread
and he fought bravely enough.

And two brothers joined this army,
each a mighty strategist,
these took an empty cottage by storm
with nothing but rain to resist.

And a lean grey fellow walked there,
by the roadside, in isolation,
and bore the burden of terrible guilt:
he came from a Nazi legation.

There was a musician among them
who in a shelled village found a drum one day
and was not allowed to strike it,
so as not to give them away.

And there was also a dog,
caught for the knife at the start,
yet later kept on as an eater
Because no one had the heart.

And they had a school there also,
and a small teacher who knew how to yell,
and a pupil against the wall of a shot-up tank
as far as peac... learned to spell.

And there was a concert too:
by a roaring winter stream one lad
was allowed to beat the drum,
but no one heard him. Too bad.

And there was a love affair.
She was twelve, he was fifteen.
In a secluded courtyard
she combed his hair.

This love could not last long,
too cold the weather came on.
How can the little tree flower
with so much snow coming down?

And there was a war as well,
for there was another crowd beside this
and the war only came to an end
because it was meaningless.

But when the war still raged
around a shelled pointman's hut,
suddenly, so they say, one party
found their food supply had been cut.

And when the other heard this, they sent
a man to relieve their plight
with a sack of potatoes, because
without food one cannot fight.

There was a trial too,
with a pair of candles for light,
and after much painful examining
the judge was found guilty that night.

And a funeral too: of a boy
with velvet on collar and wrist;
it was two Poles and two Germans
carried him to his rest.

Protestant, Catholic and Nazi were there
when his body to earth they were giving,
and at the end a little Socialist spoke
of the future of the living.

So there was faith and hope,
only no meat and no bread,
and let no man blame them if they stole a few things
when he offered no board or bed.

And let no man blame the needy man
who offered no bread or rice,
for with fifty to feed it's a matter
of flour, not self-sacrifice.

They made for the south in the main.
The south is where the sun
at midday, twelve o'clock sharp
lies straight in front of one.

True, they found a soldier
who wounded on fir-needles lay.
They nursed him for seven days
so he could show them the way.

He told them: To Bilgoray!
Delirious, surely, far gone,
and he died on the eight day.
They burried him too, and moved on.

And there were sign-posts also,
though snow rubbed the writing out;
Only they'd cease to point the way,
having been turned about.

This was not for a practical joke,
but on a military ground,
and when they looked for Bilgoray
the place was not to be found.

They stood around their leader
who looked up at the snowy air
and, extending his little hand,
said, it must be over there.

Once, at night, they saw a fire,
but better not go, they decided.
Once three thanks rolled past them,
each with people inside it.

Once, too, they came to a city,
and skirted it, well out of sight;
till they'd left it well behind them
they only marched on at night.

In what used to be South-East Poland
when snow swept the landscape clean
that army of fifty-five children
was last seen.

If I close my eyes and try,
I can see them trudged on
from one shell-blasted homestead
to another shell-blasted one.

About them, in the cloudy spaces,
I see new long trains progress,
painfully trudging in the cold wind's face,
homeless, directionless.

Looking for the country at peace,
without fire and thunder's blast,
not like that from which they have come;
and the train grows vast.

And soon in the flickering half-light
no longer the same it seemed:
other little faces I saw,
Spanish, French, yellow ones gleamed.

That January, in Poland
a stray dog was caught;
hanging from its lean neck
a cardboard notice it brought.

It reads: please come and help us!
We no longer know the way.
There are fifty-five of us.
The dog won't lead you astray.

Don't shoot him dead.
Only he knows the place.
With him
our very last hope you'd efface.

The writing was in a child's hand.
By farmers it was read.
Since then a year and half have passed.
The dog, who was starving, is dead.
Copyright © Bertolt Brecht [translated by Michael Hamburger]

Will I Ever Love You Forever

Twists my artery and vein
Questioning me within
Will I ever
Love my love forever?
Will I_ will I_
Will I survive the hauler
To love thee
Omolola forever;
My pencil ebony queen
The growing interest rate
In my medulla oblongata

My love,
Much distractions
On my fingertips
The more I use the nail-cutter
To nip them in the buds
The more
They linger longer like
A smiling flowing river
Merry through their bendings,
Seeping through their caves
Sending through their eyes
Their continuing signal
Of steadiness
Under many living bridges

Can't you see this inflation
The money I make to
Buy the heart desires of yours
And lotions
To glitter the mermaid hair of yours
To make them flicker
Like the fireworks
At the birthday of every given New Year

Omolola, my fairy
Will I ever be
Able to love thee equally
Each year?
Aging responsibilities
Will be our enemy
Soaking up our love melody
Like the construction cement mixed
For fences or bridges
Or pillar to build an edifice;
Coupled with
The monopoly of cuddling only me
With the monotony
Of doing only me
The same thing the same way
Day in day out
While our bodies wear out
Or wither.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Solution To The Wear In Yokes And Splines Of An Automobile Propeller Shaft

This post is to talk about the solution to the wear in yokes and splines of an automobile propeller shaft universal joints. It is true that automobile is ease of life, automobile is pleasant but can lead to hampered living if any needed wrong is not made right through proper troubleshooting.

In the rare event of wear in the yoke cross hole, the holes most certainly be oval, and the yokes must be renewed.

In the case of wear of the cross holes in a fixed yoke, which is part of the tubular-shaft assembly, only in cases of emergency should this be replaced in the field. It should normally be replaced by a complete tubular-shaft assembly.

The other parts likely to show signs of wear are the splined sleeve yoke or splined stub shaft. A total of 0.004 in. circumferential movement measured on the outside diameter of the splined stub shaft require renewing, this must be dealt with in the same way as the fixed yoke, i.e. a replacement tubular-shaft assembly fitted.

We hope this insightful post will be of helpful hint; always consult your local mechanics for physical and one-on-one maintenance of your automobiles.

Analysis Of Young Africa's Plea By Dennis Osadebay

Are you thinking of having a clearer idea of the poem "Young Africa's Plea" by Dennis Osadebay? Here review regarding to the poem.

The poet:-
Dennis Osadebay is a Nigerian author, poet, and lawyer. He received his university education in the United Kingdom, where he was called to Bar. At a certain point, Osadebay was the Premier of the Mid-West Region of Nigeria.

The surface meaning:-
As the title of the poem suggests, the poem speaker is seen begging for his freedom of choice and his freedom of association. The is culturally inclined and somewhat relates to the issue of human race and difference in colour.
The poem speaker addresses some abstract subjects (the African rulers) warning them not to push his culture aside like something out-of-date in other "to suit" an alien culture. The poem speaker further pleads for the opportunity to be allowed to live with both culture on a balanced scale; believing that in such way he will "have untrammelled growth" and his friends will not regret he did leave with both culture because he will always keep them in the best part of his mind.

The Line-By-Line Summary:-
Line 1-3, you should not throw my culture, customs and believes into the bin like something expired so as to favor the colonialists customs.

Line 4-6, because such newly imbibed colonialists culture can never be better than mine.

Line 7-9, allow me to work with both customs and ideologies by managing the new culture with my African sense of reasoning.

Line 10-13, this way I'll easily be able to mingle and level up with the whole world and be a very better human.

Line 14-16, have you ever wondered why those who look down on me in public fear my strength in private of their hearts? It's because they know I have abilities and "I am no less a man"

Line 17-20, allow me this freedoms, and I'll make sure that my friends don't regret I'm living with two different cultural ideologies.

The Style, Preoccupation and Structure:-
Young Africa's Plea by Dennis Osadebay is another beautiful cultural poem. It gives in line with poems like Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara, Anvil and the Hammer by Kofi Awoonor; what differentiated this poem is that it begs for the opportunity to live with both cultures amicably. It has a simple style and the dictions are very easy to understand. Dennis Osadebay was so preoccupied with the fear of loosing the values in his African culture to the European culture and from the second person point of view, h<!--more-->e begged to be allowed the privilege to live with both cultures than favoring one for the other. The poem is structured with no specific end rhyme pattern or rhythm. It is a straight single stanza poem of 20 lines that flow from head down to toe.

The Figures of Speech:-
It is no doubt that poetic devices are one among the flavors of any good poem and this poem has loads of beautifying figures of speech. "Let me" is a repetition in the poem used to emphasize the mood of the poem, there as well, there is a simile in line 2, "As some fine curios", imageries, symbolisms "white historians" which implies the European colonialists and the "black man" which implies an African, plenty of alliterations; line 7, 8, etc.

Few words in the poem to be explained are:-
1) curios in line two, they are things which serve as a reminder of the past.
2) tastes in line three, means likings.
3) talents in line thirteen, means the natural abilities.
4) untrammelled growth in line seventeen, the opportunity to develop without restraints of any kind.

The Themes:-
The theme of cultural differences, where the poets doesn't deny the usefulness of the new culture but requests the two be used together to make him a better man. The theme of friendship, where the poets aims his actions towards things that will gladden his friends and make them proud of him. The theme of colonialism and volatility of African leadership in such era: "Don't preserve my customs/ As some fine curios/ To suit some white historian's tastes" (line 1-3)

The Poem:-
Don't preserve my customs
As some fine curios
To suit some white historian's tastes.
There's nothing artificial
That beats the natural way,
In culture and ideals of life.
Let me play with the white man's ways,
Let me work with the black man's brains,
Let my affairs themselves sort out.
Then in sweet rebirth
I'll rise a better man,
Not ashamed to face the world.
Those who doubt my talents
In secret fear my strength;
They know I am no less a man.
Let them show their noble sides,
Let me have untrammelled growth.
My friends will never know regret
And I, never once forget.
Copyright © Dennis Osadebay, all rights reserved.

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying) <!--more-->

How To Treat Diarrhea At Home

When your child has diarrhea, he or she loses a lot of body water and salt and this can be dangerous for him or her. As soon as diarrhea starts, replace the lost fluid and salt by giving him or her a solution prepared as follows:

1) Cooking salt => 1 level teaspoon
2) Sugar => 10 level teaspoons or 5 cubes
3) Cool boiled drinking water => 2 full soft drink (Mineral/Soft drink) bottles.

Slowly give 1 teaspoon of the solution to your child after diarrheal stool. Then take your baby to the health clinic to see the health worker. Continue with breast feeding and normal diet. Do not starve your child.

Immunizations against polio and DPT are six weeks after birth for the first dose, ten weeks after birth for the second dose, fourteen weeks after birth for the third dose.

This post is based on mere observation not a medical recommendation of a doctor or health practitioner.

Be Careful Of Whatever Will Deflate Your Chest

Be careful of whatever will deflate your chest
For your chest is wonderfully and fearfully made;
Be careful my friend
Of that which makes a bouncing beautiful chest
Begin to dangle like a pendulum.

Always, my friends,
I write to you candidly,
Buttress my points non-shamefully
Bravely, attend to critics aiming to ambush me
With tiny remnants of love I have in me
I'm begging thee, please,
Be careful of whatever can deflate it in your twenties

Hard labours
Loss of weights
Unrecommended pills
Obsessive monthly abortions
Heartbreaks and its accompanied traumas
Bing drinking of tots soaked with marijuana
Life is loving and love is living
No wonder rivers die when they loose their prides

For snow is the pride of winter
As whiteness is the pride of teeth
And hub is the pride of wheel
As upright chest is the pride of ladies;
No wonder the trees wither when they loose their prides

Whatever your believe may be
O lady,
Your chest is your pride
Your own center of attraction
Your own banner of awareness
Your own reason for the chasing
Be careful of whatever will deflate it
Or make it lie down like a mattress

A girdle can keep the secret of a pot belly
A perfectly applied Mary Kay can keep the secret of an ugly face

What good is in the chest
The bra makes
So worth a million in the eye
But falls below equilibrium of the belly
Once the bra is off?

Guys always feel so cheated
And manage it for just a night.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Factual Analysis Of We Have Come Home By Lenrie Peters

The poem "We Have Come Home" by Lenrie Peters has the following issues in discussion: slavery, civilization, Africanism, etc. Some people believe that the poem is about some Africans who returned home to Africa after schooling in the overseas but frankly speaking, it's not (irrespective of how anybody coin it to resemble such).

Issue of slavery and the other aforementioned are very glaring in the poem. The act of slavery is truly a massacre of the soul and the survival for freedom is like a bloodless war. Even the poet or the poem speaker personified their tiny prisoners' cells to be like a human being full of pride for massacring many humans souls. They finally got their freedoms after the price for it has been paid "When we have asked/ What does it cost/ To be loved and left alone". On the issue of civilization, the poem speaker made the readers to realise that when they got back to Africa, they met environmental change which was still in its dawn but the change on ground was the doing of their slave masters who now parade their lands in military uniform (something the poet symbolized to be "The death march"). Let's look at the issue of Africanism in t<!--more-->he poem, there are sweet images of Africa, her customs and believes. "The gurgling drums/ Echo the stars/ The forest howls/ And between the trees/ The dark sun appear" and the superstitious African believe in the roaming of spirits "the thundering rain/ The famine the drought/ The sudden spirit/ Lingers on the road"

We have come home
From the bloodless wars
With sunken hearts
Our booths full of pride-
From the true massacre of the
When we have asked
‘What does it cost
To be loved and left alone’

We have come home
Bringing the pledge
Which is written in rainbow
Across the sky-for burial
But is not the time
To lay wreaths
For yesterday’s crimes,
Night threatens
Time dissolves
And there is no acquaintance
With tomorrow
The gurgling drums
Echo the stars
The forest howls
And between the trees
The dark sun appears.

We have come home
When the dawn falters
Singing songs of other lands
The death march
Violating our ears
Knowing all our loves and tears
Determined by the spinning

We have come home
To the green foothills
To drink from the cup
Of warm and mellow birdsong
‘To the hot beaches
Where the boats go out to sea
Threshing the ocean’s harvest
And the hovering, plunging
Gliding gulls shower kisses on
the waves

We have come home
Where through the lightening
And the thundering rain
The famine the drought,
The sudden spirit
Lingers on the road
Supporting the tortured
of the flesh
That spirit which asks no
of the world
But to have dignity.
Copyright © Lenrie Peters

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)<!--more-->

10 Funny Inter-House Sport Events

Inter house sports competition is one of the outside classroom activities that is found in schools curriculum; both at the primary and secondary level. In spite of the fact that inter house sport tournaments focuses on showcasing students athletic talents (among other things); it can also be a very funny and laughter inducing event.

Here are few of the funny or comical race that you can find in an inter house sport tournament which normally make spectators laugh their ribs out.

1) Staff Race: This is a race which involves all the staff of an institution coming to the track to run. The funny part of this race is that both slim and fat both fit and unfit are involved.

2) Old Boys/Girls Race: This is a race which involves all the alumni of a particular school coming to the track to run. The funny part of this race is that it is similar to the Staff Race.

3) Threading The Needle: This is also another event at an inter-house sport that can turn out to be very funny; it has to do with contestants passing some certain amount of thread through needles.

4) Wheeling The Tyre: Okay, seriously, this always turns out to be very funny, most especially when contestants tyres run into each other's tracks causing obstructions. Abandoned vehicle tyre or that of motorcycle are used in such race; very funny though.

5) Catching The Train: It is still very hard to conclude which is the funniest between Catching The Train and The Skipping Race.

6) The Skipping Race: It involves each contestant with skipping rope in hand, skipping towards the finished line.

7) The three Legged Race: In this kind of race, two contestants belonging to the same team have one person's right leg tied to the other person's left leg, other teams to participate in the three legged race must do the same that the contestants can run with three legs.

8) The Lime and Spoon Race: In this funny race, each contestant will run to the finished line with a lime placed in a spoon.

9) The Sack Race: Contestants stand in a sack and once they hear the shot of the starting gun, they begin to run while in the sack and funny part of it is that the lack room in the sack to pace the leg makes many contestants fall many times before the end of the race.

10) The Candle Race:  Here, the contestants walk rather than run. They hold a lit candle in hand and guard it from the breeze while they walk carefully to the finished line because a blown off candle disqualifies a contestant from the race.

The major events of an inter-house competition are as follows:-
100 metres junior boy
100 metres junior girls
75 metres boys
75 metres girls
50 metres nursery boy
50 metres nursery girls
100 metres senior boys
100 metres senior girls
200 metres boys
200 metres girls
High jump boys
High jump girls
Long jump girls
Long jump (boys)
Relay race boys
Relay race girls

Promoting Good Health Through Konga Affiliate

Hello to all you web owners and to all amiable web surfers, please, don't go short of contents to promote. If you have a website or blog (wordpress, blogspot, yolasite) or you have a social network page (like Instagram,  Twitter, Facebook fan page/group, Google+) then check your traffic source, are the from West Africa?

If your answer is yes. Then you can harness the opportunities entombed in konga affiliate network by investing in your health and that of others.

Good health is essential and the words about it needs to be spread across the globe relentlessly. Make the move to start the change, by promoting healthy cooking appliances, fitness kits, indoor and outdoor equipments, and healthy supplements that can assist in achieving good and sound healthy living.

All the above listed can be easily shopped for by internet users whenever they visit the online store; so help yourself while help someone achieve their fit-fam goals today!

Should in case, you need us rob mind with you one-on-one about affiliate matters, feel free to reach us through our Contact Us page.


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