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12 Reasons Your Husband Will Beat You To Coma

You arrogant wives, always claiming absurd equality_

Listen to reasons, your husband won't beat you to coma

Are you a powerful politician or a strong human right activist,

Or a soldier or a lawyer, but your husband isn't?

Do you foot the bills since you're so richer than he is,

Or you possess witch crafting and he knows this?

Is your husband bind by covenant not to ever beat thee,

Or over gentle, he can't even hurt a buzzing fly around him?

A high degree of respect he has for your parents,

Or divorce will empty his wallet if you get favored at the court?

Do you possess a chronic disability or periodic insanity or incurable disease

To the extent he has to soberly cope with your gene of arrogance?

Does he know you're capable of planting bomb in his Camry,

Or he know you're capable of mixing poison in his meals?

Does your husband know you're capable of stabbing him in his sleep

Like the Larry Scott of the movie: One Three Hill?

If you have no "yes" to all these, you arrogant wives;

You need to start respecting your husbands like other good wives.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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