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Automobile Washing And Polishing

Automobile washing and cleaning is very vital to prolong the life span of any automobile. Any vehicle deserved washing after a long distance travel, or when gone through muddy road, or a dusty road, or has not been washed for a week.

1) When washing the underbody, be careful not to get hurt by sharp edges of metal parts.

2) Avoid using excessive water pressure.

3) Take care not to splash water over the electrical parts in the engine compartment.

4) Do not mix kerosene or other ingredients with the water, as this might dull the finish of the car.

5) Do not wash plastic and resin parts in thinner or gasoline as discoloration or cracks will result

6) Avoid washing your car under strong sunlight or outside under freezing conditions.

7) In cold areas, carefully wipe off moisture from doors and key sluts after the vehicle has been washed. Key slots and rubbers can freeze up if there is water left on them.

1) soften and loosen the mud by using plenty of water.

2) use a sponge for washing your car but avoid rubbing hard with the sponge.

3) use car shampoo if the body is seriously dirty.

4) wash the underbody and the inside of the fender by increasing the pressure of water.

5) completely shut all portions and clean deposits with a sponge.

6) rinse the car with plenty of water.

7) after deposits and dust have been thoroughly washed away, wipe with soft cloth or a well rinsed chamois leather; in such a way that no spots are left.

to polish you automobile, you must be certain to use the suitable waxing products. The application of polish on your vehicle should be once a month or when the coating does not repel water. Do not do the polishing in shade after your vehicle body temperature has fallen below your body temperature.

Okay, you need to know that this post is an online automobile gist from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on a mobile tablet. If you love this post, feel free to share and always pay your local mechanics well.

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