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Be Careful Of Whatever Will Deflate Your Chest

Be careful of whatever will deflate your chest
For your chest is wonderfully and fearfully made;
Be careful my friend
Of that which makes a bouncing beautiful chest
Begin to dangle like a pendulum.

Always, my friends,
I write to you candidly,
Buttress my points non-shamefully
Bravely, attend to critics aiming to ambush me
With tiny remnants of love I have in me
I'm begging thee, please,
Be careful of whatever can deflate it in your twenties

Hard labours
Loss of weights
Unrecommended pills
Obsessive monthly abortions
Heartbreaks and its accompanied traumas
Bing drinking of tots soaked with marijuana
Life is loving and love is living
No wonder rivers die when they loose their prides

For snow is the pride of winter
As whiteness is the pride of teeth
And hub is the pride of wheel
As upright chest is the pride of ladies;
No wonder the trees wither when they loose their prides

Whatever your believe may be
O lady,
Your chest is your pride
Your own center of attraction
Your own banner of awareness
Your own reason for the chasing
Be careful of whatever will deflate it
Or make it lie down like a mattress

A girdle can keep the secret of a pot belly
A perfectly applied Mary Kay can keep the secret of an ugly face

What good is in the chest
The bra makes
So worth a million in the eye
But falls below equilibrium of the belly
Once the bra is off?

Guys always feel so cheated
And manage it for just a night.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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