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Before You Choose Revenuehits To Monetize Your Traffic

It has been the case_ time and time again. New website owners hear the lauding, the praises showered on a particular third party advertising network (once they hear such advert network pay so high as $4-$10 per mille) they swiftly jump on it without proper assessment. Even the so-called pros, who have done their justified homeworks, still end up in the same ditch.

Some later post their scam testimonials on any advertisement forum they can find because they felt cheated; on their own parts, yes. But on some other people's part, the story is different because one man's meat, is another man's poison.

Here is what they failed to understand, most especially if such victims are to be blaming Revenuehits:-

"Some publishers enjoy a ratio of up to 30$ eCPM while others make only few cents with their traffic. eCPM depends on many factors uncontrolled by RevenueHits, such as ads positioning, traffic geo, users' behaviour, site content etc. With a decent amount of traffic, RevenueHits will provide you maximum-efficiency within few days, including all remnant traffic up to 100% fulfilment of traffic potential."

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