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By And By (Jumoke Adesewa Olah)

We lost our virtue,
We enslaved our dreams,
under our beneath,
We solved them out,
Our destruction
Through our palm.
We bargained our lives for nudity,
We adjoined in misconceptions,
And false realities that are erupt.
By and by,
We lost our names,
Our cleavage and tits,
To lumps.
Farther we go in quest for good times to come,
Have we laid a foundation to heal the soring wound?
Up we fly,
Like the flies,
Whose death doesnt exceed a day
Down we go in the pit of illusions that can not be 100years realised.
I feel pity for those who do not know they are wrong,
Its really empty of you,
To be ignorant of your own deeds.
Well served are the ones who,
Who adequately pay at their own pay price.
By and by our generation is falling, We will serve those who are coming,
Whose heart shall be founded of truth and wages of our own sin.
Remember it is written and those who had written a many,
Must prove to the world,
Through their own skin.

Copyright © Jumoke Adesewa Olah
All rights reserved.
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