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Do And Don't For Automobile Engines


<<< Do fill the tank with clean fuel.

<<< Do make sure the engine stop control is right in, run position, when starting.

<<< Do depress the throttle pedal fully when starting.

<<< Do use correct grade of oil for prevailing climatic conditions.

<<< Do change C. A. V. filter element regularly; also clean sediment bowl.

<<< Always prime fuel system if any part of the fuel lines or filters are disconnected.

<<< Do eliminate air from the fuel system and make sure all connections are tight.

<<< If the engine stops without apparent reason, make sure that fuel is reaching the distributor pump.

<<< Do use a recommended grade of fuel.

<<< Do use heater plugs with engine cold to conserve batteries.


<<< Don't allow fuel to get low in tank. Replenish when blue warning light flashes.

<<< Don't allow the batteries to get in a discharged condition.

<<< Don't misuse the starter switch. Wait until the engine comes to rest before each application.

<<< Don't use dirty fuel. Ensure that fuel storage tanks are kept in a very clean condition and exclude dust and water.

<<< Don't attempt to start the engine unless the pump is primed with fuel

<<< Don't attempt to rectify the distributor pump. Send it to the nearest C. A. V. agent and fit a service unit.

<<< Don't allow hands and eyes to come in contact with spray from an injector nozzle, when testing.

<<< Don't run engine without ensuring that the water is to the correct level in the radiator, otherwise overheating may occur with risk of nozzle sticking and other troubles.

<<< Don't over tighten bolts, nuts and fuel connections.

If this post seems reasonable, endeavor to share. This post is from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on his mobile device.

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