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How To Treat Diarrhea At Home

When your child has diarrhea, he or she loses a lot of body water and salt and this can be dangerous for him or her. As soon as diarrhea starts, replace the lost fluid and salt by giving him or her a solution prepared as follows:

1) Cooking salt => 1 level teaspoon
2) Sugar => 10 level teaspoons or 5 cubes
3) Cool boiled drinking water => 2 full soft drink (Mineral/Soft drink) bottles.

Slowly give 1 teaspoon of the solution to your child after diarrheal stool. Then take your baby to the health clinic to see the health worker. Continue with breast feeding and normal diet. Do not starve your child.

Immunizations against polio and DPT are six weeks after birth for the first dose, ten weeks after birth for the second dose, fourteen weeks after birth for the third dose.

This post is based on mere observation not a medical recommendation of a doctor or health practitioner.

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