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I Poetically Pray For You And Me

Today is Sunday
The day is Sunday

The day angels are packing
All parcels of prayers to heaven

From the priestly potion of my heart
I poetically pray for you and me

Longevity is of the earth
Longevity will continually be for you and me

No river ever flow in backwardness
Backwardness is not for you and me

The sun always shines in glorification
Glorification will always be for you and me

When gaping is not on the wall,
Wall gecko will never find a way in

No sorrow will ever have a way
Into the life of you and me

The blowing breezes can only ventilate the iroko tree
They can never uproot the tree

All breezes blowing to and fro
Will continually favor you and me

With the power placed in ask-and-you-shall-receive
Everlasting wealth is for you and me

With the power kept in seek-and-you-shall-find
Good health is for you and me

With the power placed in knock-and-it-shall-open
Doors of opportunity is for you and me

From this day and forevermore
God's kingdom is for you and me.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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