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Procedure For Replacing Automobile Coolant (7 steps)

Clean the cooling system and replace the coolant at the specified intervals. If the radiator gets clogged or coolant is seriously contaminated, get your vehicle inspected.


#1 After the radiator cap has been removed, loosen the drain plugs at the bottom of the radiator and at the engine to discharge the coolant.

#2 With drain plugs refilled, pour in soft water (preferably hot water) from the radiator filler port. Start the engine and let it run at high idle until the coolant temperature becomes 85° C or higher. Keep running the engine for another ten minutes, and then discharge the water. Repeat this procedure until the drained water runs completely clean.

#3 Pour the required amount of antifreeze or antirust into the radiator and add distilled water to the brim of the radiator cap.

#4 With the radiator cap removed, run the engine for a while to bleed air from the cooling system.

#5 Stop the engine and check for the coolant level. If the level is low, add coolant to the brim of the radiator cap.

#6 Reinstall the radiator cap in position.

#7 Pour the required amount of antifreeze into the reservoir tank and add soft water to the level marked "full" and replace the cap in position.

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