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Radiator And The Act Of Draining The Automobile Cooling System

A radiator is a device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air, through metal fins. Here, we are referring to vehicle radiator which differs from the radiator use at homes. As regards the vehicle radiator, sometimes check for its cleanliness by having it cleaned when necessary, using compressed air directed from the engine side of the radiator towards the front end of the vehicle.

Due to the active circulation of water within the engine cooling system and to the intentional delay in the opening of the thermal switch, permitting quicker heating action when the car is started, water level in the radiator is maintained at 2 inches approximately below the filler orifice, and as the water is stirred vigorously by the action of the pump, any excess amount will overflow during the first few miles. It is therefore pointless to fill the radiator beyond the above level. Besides, frequent topping up in excess of the normal level will result in lowering the percentage of anti-freeze dangerously.

To drain the automobile cooling system for the purpose of repair or flushing:

>>> Remove radiator filler plug. Set ventilation control lever to the "warm" position to permit draining of the heating system radiator.

>>> Remove the draining plug located at the rear right-hand side of the cylinder block.

When draining the cooling system, always make provision for the anti-freeze solution, except at time of yearly flushing operation.

To make sure that draining is normal:

>>> Open drain cock located at the bottom rear end of the radiator. When filling the radiator, check the cylinder-block plug seal ring for proper tightness and make sure that the drain cock is closed.

When the engine has been in operation for a few minutes, and after the heating system radiator has filled up completely, check the engine radiator for proper level.

Always visit your local mechanics and pay them well. This is a post from an automobile mechanic who loves to blog on mobile tablet.

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