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Relate The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters To A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

A stitch in time saves nine, is an idiomatic expression which means that whatever needs to be done should be done immediately before it gets worsened, like a hole in a cloth that requires stitching but is not stitched; in later time, holes in such cloth will become nine.

The Panic Of Growing Older by Lenrie Peters is a poem where the poet is preoccupied with varying expected achievements that should accompany each stage of human adulthood. Lenrie Peters stated his observation between the age range of twenty (where worries of achievement is very mild) to the older stages of human adulthood (where worries of achievement is at the higher level).

As opinions may vary from person to person, is of the opinion that the line 1-4 of the poem, suits the idiomatic expression that says: "a stitch in time saves nine"

"The panic/ of growing older/ spreads fluttering winds/ from year to year" which means that the panic, a person has towards his/her aging process will alw<!--more-->ays increase year in year out; and according to the idiomatic expression, if such a person does not do what is expected of him/her at each stage of his/her adulthood, situations will pile up and get worsen.

Lenrie Peters says that "At twenty" a person is full of hope for "gigantic success" but starting from age thirty, it's a different ball game where such person will start developing unnecessary troubles that even laboratory tests won't detect. As hope does not level up with achievements, the panic increased the more the person remembers that humans have no certainty of living.

Lenrie Peters was born in the year 1932; he was a Gambian writer, poet, singer, broadcaster and a surgeon. He studied in Gambia, Sierra Leone and England.
He published his collection of poems titled Satellites in 1967. Though renowned for his poems, he has a novel to his credit titled The Second Round; he later died in the year 2009.

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
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