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Should I Affiliate With WarriorPlus Or WarriorForum (Learn The Truth)

WarriorForum is one of the well-known forums where newbies and all levels of internet marketers discuss matters relating to Internet and affiliate marketing (in short, it's the internet paradise for hustlers and newcomers). If your question is "Where Should I Sell?" then, both WarriorForum and WarriorPlus are not out of the equation. One can learn more about selling information products, website building, SEO, backlinks, email marketing, newsletter promotion and whatever have to do with internet marketing topics on WarriorForum. How Do You Now Sell On WarriorForum, If All You Have To Do Is Learn? This question brings us to the issue of WarriorPlus. Those selling their affiliate links via WarriorForum are registered member of WarriorForum and they are only allowed to promote their WarriorPlus affiliate links.

WarriorPlus can be referred to as the sibling of WarriorForum. It is a marketplace for internet marketers (both vendors and merchants). If  you finally make up your mind to become an Affiliate through WarriorPlus, you may be required to provide a tax identification number or fill out a W9 if you earn more than $600.

In addition, as an affiliate, promoting a WarriorPlus-powered product, all advertising, marketing, mailing, or promotion must be CAN-SPAM compliant, FTC Act compliant, compliant with the FTC guidelines regarding testimonials and earnings claims, and must include a working unsubscribe link that allows the receiver to be unsubscribed immediately.

You are not allowed to post any Affiliate links on WarriorForum, whether it is in a BuySellTrade (BST) section, WSO of the day section, in your signature, or anywhere else for the purpose of soliciting sales.

It is also not welcome for affiliates to practice any fraud or deceitful marketing strategy with WarriorPlus-powered products; endeavor to view the WarriorPlus Terms And Conditions.

According to many internet complains regarding some shady marketers on WarriorForum, my candid advice is for you to make a difference; be a honest and trustworthy marketer, be careful of those desperate marketers trying to pour sands in your cup of coffee. Life is full of trials and errors, so always be willing to add to your life experiences.

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