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Solution To The Wear In Yokes And Splines Of An Automobile Propeller Shaft

This post is to talk about the solution to the wear in yokes and splines of an automobile propeller shaft universal joints. It is true that automobile is ease of life, automobile is pleasant but can lead to hampered living if any needed wrong is not made right through proper troubleshooting.

In the rare event of wear in the yoke cross hole, the holes most certainly be oval, and the yokes must be renewed.

In the case of wear of the cross holes in a fixed yoke, which is part of the tubular-shaft assembly, only in cases of emergency should this be replaced in the field. It should normally be replaced by a complete tubular-shaft assembly.

The other parts likely to show signs of wear are the splined sleeve yoke or splined stub shaft. A total of 0.004 in. circumferential movement measured on the outside diameter of the splined stub shaft require renewing, this must be dealt with in the same way as the fixed yoke, i.e. a replacement tubular-shaft assembly fitted.

We hope this insightful post will be of helpful hint; always consult your local mechanics for physical and one-on-one maintenance of your automobiles.

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