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What Is Max's Attitude Towards Racial Relations In Native Son By Richard Wright (WASSCE MAY/JUNE 2016 LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH)

Besides the capitalist-communist factor, the issue of racial discrimination cannot not be ignored when discussing the themes of Native Son by Richard Wright. It is crystal clear that the Whites' oppression of the Blacks is the background of Bigger's temerity and crimes and such actions brought Max into his wholesome roles played in the novel.

Max being a communist and a public defender is of the believe in racial equality in spite of the fact that he's White. He voluntarily offered to defend Bigger in his murder trial; he did all he could to convince the court of law that Bigger was a circumstantial prey.

Like must communists, Max was hard to succumb to anything contrary to his ideology. Bigger at some point advised him to stop trying to defend him. Several times before Bigger's arraignment, Buckley also tried to make him stop defending Bigger but Max's communistic spirit and love for racial equality kept him strong.

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