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Will I Ever Love You Forever

Twists my artery and vein
Questioning me within
Will I ever
Love my love forever?
Will I_ will I_
Will I survive the hauler
To love thee
Omolola forever;
My pencil ebony queen
The growing interest rate
In my medulla oblongata

My love,
Much distractions
On my fingertips
The more I use the nail-cutter
To nip them in the buds
The more
They linger longer like
A smiling flowing river
Merry through their bendings,
Seeping through their caves
Sending through their eyes
Their continuing signal
Of steadiness
Under many living bridges

Can't you see this inflation
The money I make to
Buy the heart desires of yours
And lotions
To glitter the mermaid hair of yours
To make them flicker
Like the fireworks
At the birthday of every given New Year

Omolola, my fairy
Will I ever be
Able to love thee equally
Each year?
Aging responsibilities
Will be our enemy
Soaking up our love melody
Like the construction cement mixed
For fences or bridges
Or pillar to build an edifice;
Coupled with
The monopoly of cuddling only me
With the monotony
Of doing only me
The same thing the same way
Day in day out
While our bodies wear out
Or wither.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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