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You Stole My Heart

You stole my heart.....

You stole my heart when I wasn’t looking or expecting

With your radiant smile, you swept me away

With your warm eyes you drew me close to you like a magnet

You stole it without any effort on your part

You stole it right under my nose

And I thought I had thrown away the keys to my heart

How did you do it, how did you unlock it and how did you steal it

You stole my heart with who you are

If it’s for keeps, you can keep my heart because I know you will guard it with your life

You will keep it pure and loving

If its wiling away time, of which I doubt, please can I have my heart back

Lest I die of unrequited love, and never know pure reciprocated love

You stole my heart

You stole it because of your big good uncontaminated heart

Because of your heart that overflows with love and adoration

You know how to share, give and not expect anything back

You see the best in people, you see potential

You never look down on those you love

I am over the moon when in your company

My face stretches wide in laughter in a way it never knew

You awaken what was once buried and you make me feel like a woman again

You stole my heart and I hope I stole yours too....................

© Copyright Tarry. All rights reserved.
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