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Only God Can Rescue

You work
You work to
Turn table
Sitting upsidedown
Waiting the outcome
Watercolours they disposed
You turned to rainbows
Whether bad or good
Whatever humans do
Some human beings
Will be clog in the wheels
Only God can rescue
From hearts that hate
Us digest
Our balanced diets.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


A sudden exclamatory piece of dialogue addressed to someone or something, especially absent.
Literarily, a speaker calls at an object or none, such object may be presently available or not. A good example is in the poem Nightfall In Soweto by Oswald Mtshali "Nightfall! Nightfall!!"

Lovemaking Is Politics

For child-making is politics;
A two party system
Since democracy is
Far back the garden of Eden
When man and maiden is
Free to lie side by side to multiply
In child-making is
A decent dirty game of politics
The ova, the spermatozoon
Are queuing eagerly at the poling booth
The youths and teens
Are rigging the election with condoms or
Whatever abortive white button
They use
The newly marrieds
Are practicing free and fair elections
Any wombs where
Ballot box is always stolen is called barren
If truly truly child-making is politics
Why do twin leaders emerge in Africa?
Mary Slessor is the answer.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Les Salutations: Dialogue 2 (French language)

Dayo ====> Bonjour je m'appelle Dayo, je suis journalist, et vous qu'est que vous faites? (Good morning, my name is Dayo, I'm a journalist and you, what do you do?)
Shade ====> Je m'appelle Shade; je suis secrétaire. (My name is Shade; I'm a secretary)
Dayo ====> Ah! Shade, vous êtes Nigériane? (Ah! Shade, are you Nigerian?)
Shade ====> Oui, je suis Nigériane et vous? (Yes, I'm Nigerian and you?)
Dayo ====> Moi, je suis Béninois. (Me, I'm Benin)
Shade ====> Où habitez-vous? (Where do you live?)
Dayo ====> J'habite à Cotonou, à Gbegame et vous? (I live in Cotonou, Gbegame and you?)
Shade ====> J'habite à Abuja, au Nigéria (I live in Abuja, Nigeria)
Dayo ====> Vous êtes jeune! Vous êtes mariée? (You are young! Are you married?)
Shade ====> Non, je ne suis pas mariée et vous? (No, I'm not married and you?)
Dayo ====> je suis célibataire. Quel âge avez-vous? (I'm single. How old are you?)

Les Salutations: Dialogue 1 (French language)

Monsieur Alabi ====> Bonjour Madame Omotosho (Good morning Mrs. Omotosho)
Madame Omotosho ====> Bonjour Monsieur Alabi (Good morning Mr. Alabi)
Monsieur Alabi ====> Comment allez-vous? (how are you?)
Madame Omotosho ====> Ca va très bien et vous? (very fine; and you?)
Monsieur Alabi ====> Très bien merci et la famille? (very fine thank you; and your family?)
Madame Omotosho ====> Tout le monde va bien (everybody is fine)
Monsieur Alabi ====> A bientôt (see you soon)
Madame Omotosho ====> Au revoir. (Goodbye)

Beans Made The Food Seller To Sell Bread

Beans made the food seller to sell bread
Profit made the church priest to sell candle
Civilization made the bushman to buy mattress
Overpopulation of girls made schools to build annex
Tradition made the Scott man to buy a skirt
Communication made the deaf man to buy Airtel
Expulsion made student and lecturer to book hotel
Divorce made the single mothers to buy dildo
Desperation made the stripper to perforate condom
As the universe keeps wheeling day in day out
There're things we don't want to be, circumstances lead us to.
Whatever person I've become, whether good or bad
It's for a reason; please, don't take away my respect.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

I Have A Flare For The Fat Feminines

I have a flare for the fat feminines
The new trend of my heart they are

I have a large love for the large ladies
Seeing them around marvel my bones

Down down to my thin marrows I swear
I have a flare for the fat feminines

Flare to wrap this my shorthand
Around a wide waist while we

Walk down the street of my town
But courage isn't my wingman

In this hunting for the fat feminines
I have a flare for the fat nurse feminines

Auxiliaries, nurses or the midwives
In their wide white uniform enliven

My eyes_ my inner man
Loves the fat nurse feminines

Skilled in needles and syringes
In babies scans

I have a flare for the fat AA feminines
People do say

That they're fine complement to the sickle cells

So I have a future driven flare
For the fat AA nurse feminines.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Time Is A Drunkard

Like a compulsive drunkard
Time is always a drunk
Wasting away at the bar
At the beer bar of life
And laziness
Or workaholism cannot revive
In any form,
The hangover of time
That's why
Professorship and loafing
Always lead
To the same dark muddy six feet
One is better than the other;
Free me
Of your career gambling,
I don't care which one you've chosen.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Not Heaven Or Hell But This Mundane

In the territory where sun or ray is never shun
Darkness and groping are form of living
In the land where earning is by all means
The powders for dough is dearly worth than glowings
Alliance-bait seems rosy train (whatever ripe is rotten)
The truth remains, he lost the day he was born
The very tick tock his inner being was burnt
To leak the beverages better than Milo
Friends and families at the burial thought
Heaven up above is now his new home
Where everlasting peace fondle his chest plate
But heaven mock their foolish hope
'Cos heaven's gate was long ago shut
Every humans dead_ departing this earth,
Whom we thought were wicked or perfect
On earth to become heavenly rich
Are worm and magot fed in their caskets;
They do not go anywhere, not even an inch.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Life In The Hoods

Life in the hoods
The black neighborhoods
Heaven opened
Dove of bad attitude
Descended on the hoods
On the black neighborhoods
Corruption begins to loom
To loom to loom to loom to loom
Everywhere she's gaining room
Scarcity leaves citizens in doom
Where crude oils are heavily brewed
In mammoth wells in the neighborhoods
Everywhere in the black neighborhoods
Bad attitude absurdly becomes good
Poverty feeds on masses as food
Poverty feeds on masses as food
Poverty feeds on masses as food
Poverty's picking masses as food
Poverty's eating masses as food
Poverty's hungry in the neighborhood
The hungry masses become the food
Civilized neighborhoods become crude
Decency's lost, everyone is rude in the neighborhoods
Brotherhoods cease to be brotherhoods
In the black neighborhoods
Such is life here in the hoods.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Unpredictable Experience

I have a lover
She's diamond and gold
A precious stone to my soul
Straight down into my soul
She bores furrows of joy
I view this my lover
Most gentle of lovers
As dove so calm
So submissively seeming
She's a remote control
Go! She'll go
Come! She'll come
But smarter than I knew
She showed me her true color
Taught me the lesson
Of my life I'll never forget
One calm friendly morning
Far far beyond my thought
She took a mallet hammer and... be continued.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Quran And Hajj

Q= Questions
U= Upon how to live normal
R= Remain holy as Angels
A= Act carefully as Allah
N= Neatly possess your Quran.

H= Holy! Holy!! Faithfuls
A= Assemble now at M-dom
J= Join the journey to freedom
J= Join the worshippers in white.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Life In Form Of Simile

Life is like Bàbá Ìjèbú lotto
Every human being is gambling
You play two sure, I play three direct
No certain who will win

Life is like the movie Prison Break
Every human being is Michael Scofield
Running helter skelter from Fox to Sona
In search of freedom, comfort and peace

Life is like the book of Genesis 6
Every human being is like Noah
We keep fervently building our arks
When we're not sure of the rainfall

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Imagine Plus Adnow On The Same Web Page

Surfing websites on Monday evening, I saw a particular website with loads of interesting information capable of making my 21century life; a smooth and smart one. Among the beauties of that particular website stood an eyesore which made me paused, examined and asked within my mind: "Is this acceptable or an intentional flaw?"

(image from

This article is not a dramatic script that aims to live on suspenses. So allow me to clear your mind that the aforementioned "eyesore" was the Native ads (which is also known as sponsored links/recommended stories) that was embedded in both the widgets and below posts of that particular website. The featured images and the article titles were very catchy but that is not where this article I write is driving to; what I was not sure of is the mixture of the Native Ads of that particular website. So many questions have been raised on what or which AdSense alternative should be on a website with sponsored articles (Native Ad…

5 Plugins To Immediately Install In A New WordPress (CMS)

This post is about the few crucial plugins that needs to be installed immediately you start using Wordpress as the Content Management System (CMS) for your website or blog prospect. The plugins are Jetpack, Captcha, Content Resharer, Yoast SEO, etc.
The willingness to create a very flexible and reliable website with PHP and MYSQL gave birth to Wordpress in the year 2003, since then it has transformed into the favorite of all webmasters and bloggers. Wordpress was first a community or free sub-domain for all willing to blog out their passions (through; it later add a platform for those willing to commercialize their blogging (through a CMS that can be got from The fundamental difference between and is that the latter is more fortified with uncountable themes and plugins that make every dream of a webmaster or web owner a sweet reality but anyone who wants to enjoy the juice of must get through a paid web host li…

Amazon Or Other Affiliate (Which To Sell)

When it comes to selling affiliate links or selling online products of any given marketplace, the experience is similar in that they both offer the publisher or webmaster a certain percentage of commission based on sales made through such affiliate promotion. Lets assume that your choice is to promote products of an online marketplace, the easiest of all is There are other similar online marketplaces like,,,,, (which means Commission Junction) and should in case you're a Nigeria webmaster or your website has a lot of visitors from Nigeria or other West African countries; then the following online marketplaces can be considered as well:,,,, etc. Okay, why is the easiest? Amazon marketplace is the most popular and most used online marketplace by webmasters. It is the second richest after Amazon is so flexible to use by any new or r…


Come close!
Dont go!
Let me feel thy lips
Expanding contrasting
In and out

A great amusement
The constancy of changes
A miracle
Asexual eukaryote being

Water thy home
A soothing continent you chose

If me were to be…
Amoeba hard to describe…

I would marvel men
In my daily living enliven

I would be invincible
Trouble to naked iris

With nuclei,
Ghost membranes to naked eyes
And simple contractile vacuole
I would
Keep the storms of my life
Within osmotic equilibrum
And live in peace

Imagine how peaceful the world would be
If human race
Were to have Amoeba soul and membrane

Amoebae dont fight
Amoebae dont backbite
Amoebae dont make jealousy
A thing of delight
They always unite

That’s why
I always thank God
For 1757
The year
August Johann Rosel von Rosehof
Discovered Amoeba.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

When Vehicle Engine Misfires

Engine not running on all cylinders, either intermittently or continually.(1) Stop the engine and endeavor to restart with the starter motor to check the state of the battery and connections. If the battery is in a low state of charge, it will need recharging from an independent electrical supply, and the charging circuit should be checked as directed under charging circuit below.
Before making the test on the H. T. equipment you are advised to note the warning below:-[WARNING:- A warning is given against the possibility of electric shock when handling the H. T. (High Tension) equipment. The danger will be eliminated by giving careful thought to the action anticipated, before carrying it out.](2) Remove the cover from each sparking plug in turn and check:-
(a) By raising the cover from the plug terminal about 1/4in. "7mm" whilst engine is running. Sparks should be heard jumping the gap regularly.
If no spark is present on one or more cylinders:- (i) remove and check the s…

Charging The Vehicle Circuit

(1) When battery is in low state of charge.
i. This state will be shown by lack of power when starting, poor light from the lamps and hydrometer readings blow 1.200 and may be due to the dynamo either not charging or giving low or intermittent output. Check the ammeter reading when the vehicle is running steadily in top gear with no lights in use; a definite steady charge should be indicated. The charging warning light will not go out if the dynamo fails to charge, or will flicker on and off in the event of intermittent output.
ii. Examine the charging and field circuit wiring, tightening any loose connections, or replacing broken cables. Pay particular attention to the battery connections.
iii. Examine the fan and dynamo driving belt; adjust tension as necessary.
iv. If the cause of the trouble is not apparent, have the equipment examined at a service depot.(2) Battery has overcharged. This will be indicated by burnt-out bulbs, very frequent need for topping-up of battery and hig…

Wheel Brake Adjustment

When lining wear has reached the point where the pedal travel becomes excessive, it is necessary to adjust the brake shoes in closer relation to the drum. This point should be checked every 3,000 miles (5.000km).
Proceed as follows:-
Jack up each wheel in turn. On the back face of the brake anchor plate, will be found a hexagon adjustment bolt, which operates a snail can bearing on the leading shoe. Only one of these is fitted to each wheel brake unit, thereby providing single-point adjustment. Spin the wheel and rotate the adjuster bolt until the brake shoe contacts the drum, then ease the adjuster until the wheel again rotates freely. Repeat for the other three wheels.Each shoe is independently set by means of an adjuster operating through a serrated snail cam.
(1) With the vehicle jacked up, ensure that the wheels rotate freely; slacken off the adjusters if necessary by turning anti-clockwise.
(2) Turn the adjuster for each shoe clockwise until the shoe just brushes the drum, t…

Yoga Jean

Yoga jean is so alluring to the eye
Mouthwatering to tbe mouth
Captivating to the heart

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wungs flying)

Mother You're The Best

My sweet mother
Pretty skin
Strong in
Of husband's
More than princess
More than goddess
After gods
You're the next
Mother, you're the best
Much to invest
In sweet mother of mine
As soon money comes in
Flooding my wallets
Mother, you're the best
Please, be patient.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

J'ai Faim Aussi

Except the
Strides we know
The tables
As night
Is day
For the saints
War fronts
Gems and jewelries
Or glows
Whatever it is
Very relevant
Exact tick tock
Holding the rod
As heart posed
Parce qu'il
J'ai faim aussi
Who knows
Can catapult
This long
As archers
Of heroes past?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


I salute
The spirit kingdom
Daring earth in wisdom
Planter of ages, breeder of reasons

When the
Weeping new-born
Is a trial version
We call it abiku, spirit child

No testing
Or fake fruit
Always death teen youth
Uncertain is the span of abiku.

Fighting For Nothing

Opposite the adjacent
Lies the hypotenuse and flaws
As evil roads are paved with golds
And nothing gold can stay
As learnt to know yet
Okra grows higher higher
The antelope dancing
Rhythmic victory in its glories
Not long
The farmer comes along
Pluck it home
Reading these my stories
You see these words
Full of mysteries
Foolish ones
Will buy bread and eat it
Like bread and
Beans, the wise will
Consecrate it
The hearts, the kidneys
The pancreas
Purging off the agonies

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Birds sky things
Appealing when the eyes
Are blue
Is for fun of life
Is listening to the bliss
So alluring as Duncan James
As alluring as the blue sea
Blue is happiness
Blue is pleasantness
Blue diamonds
The best blessing
Of the sea goddess.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Investing In Aquaculturing

When it comes to fish rearing
Our motto is
Low Pain Large Gaining
An investment that won't stain
No noise making
Outcome is certain
If one can gather the fund
The juvenile catfish
Matures quickly in the pond
O catfish!
When catfish is smoked
It turns to gold
Single basket of it
The profit
Can feed Hausa fish seller
All over a leap year
A treasure
To cherish.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Weeds In The Garden Of Eden

Weeds are edging out the garden eggs
In the garden of Eden
As dawn is new
Human beings are brewed
Clash of the new century
Incessant alerting
Message ringing
No complaining
Fully paid
Everything here we want we are
Silent millionaires
Cool silent millionaires
Full of stars
Coming in
Like the screen of the
Twenty first century fox TV screen
Are their commanding
Our mind sing
J'ai besoin de manger
We name anything
Walking in sins
Living in sins
Loving in
Copulating in sins
No longer guilty of sins
In this twenty first century
Sin is the
Of any living thing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Nigerian Photographers Earn Income From Getty Images

With the atmosphere of the universe at hand being a global small world, only the unexposed photographers are still living in their local bubbles; what a pity! My people perish for lack of wisdom.

A Nigerian photographer who flows with trend should stand the opportunity of widening his or her income funnel by joining one of the most seen and most trusted photography companies in the world;

Getty Images pays it contributors, irrespective of the country or geographical residence. Though competition is high but Nigerian photographers stand better chance of reward since with creativity and necessary skills, a Nigerian photographer will always standout as a twenty first century African explorer.

Becoming a contributor at Getty Images requires some special form of registration. After registration and acceptance, the way to revenue generation is next but before a contributor can be paid, the following are necessary (1) Name of the country where the contributor banks (2) PayPal ac…

I Can't Spell Love


Poetry Is An Old Profession How Come...

Poetry is an old profession
How come I'm still thriving in it
Should I not be
Doctor at youth
And poet
When grey comes to me
Romantic age forgotten
Stone age vanished in-
To the thin air like
Dead memories
Shakespearean is no more
They wondering
How come poetry
Is still buying me jeans?
So unbelieving
How come
This outdated discipline is
Still footing some bills?
Jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle it aloud
Tell all the cynics listening
Internet age is
The merger of
All the eras

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Umbrella Businesses

Eight years back
Population of nuisance
In Nigeria was
Eighty percent higher
Than today
To the umbrella businesses
Who does not know the umbrella?
Mr. No-one-knows-the-inventor invented it
For the royals to flaunt their fashions
Later to hide away
From the sun
Has now made the umbrella
A castle
For money making machines
The elites and illiterates
Are now feeding their families
Under it
In Nigeria
Telecommunication vouchers
Phase one national identification card registration
DVD disks and TV remotes
Expensive customized wheat bread
Cosmetics and earrings
Sitting under it
Selling biscuits
Sitting under it
Sowing shoes
Sitting under it
Roasting corns
Sitting under it
Selling herbal rums
Sitting under it
Begging alms on wheelchairs
Sitting under it
Selling spiritual messages
Sitting under it
Selling burantashi pills
Sitting under it
Whatever you can claim to be a business.

Samuel C. Enunwa samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Listen Omolola

Let me say it loud as mic
You're the only one I like
Let me say it loud and clear
It's only you I love my dear
Let me speak out my mind
Your spirit is inside my mind
Deep inside my heart
My sweetheart
You're the babe I'll never hurt
You're too hot
Like the morning market
Every guy is having a crush
On your buttocks
Not only where they wanna touch;
Omolola, be watchful of them,
They wanna taste what I've got.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Anytime I Fall In Love

Anytime I fall in love
It's like a snow fall
So pure as the snowflakes
On a snowy afternoon
So calm as the cream
At the mention of it
Infidelity vanishes
Deceit perishes
Like leaches
Lust is
Taking more efforts
Love is
The ecstasy burns free
For real
Listen to the peace in me
The lust I live devalues
Love is
Always I see
My assets of loneliness
My surplus budgets of
Acrimonious promiscuity in me
This love
My soul fit
A true love is
A mix tape
No track of fear
No song of rape
Nothing to compare
Anytime I fall in it
Better than out of it
Anytime I fall in love
I'm better than before
Love is my gymnasium.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Examine The Significance of Vickie and Kabria's Visit to the Police Station in Faceless By Amma Darko

MAY/JUNE WASSCE or WAEC 2016 Literature-In-English question:- Examine the significance of Vickie and Kabria's visit to the police station.ANSWER:-As it is known that Faceless by Amma Darko is a detective novel and the investigation on the death of Baby T. with the major assistance of Fofo and MUTE led the story to a desired ending.Part of the efforts of MUTE in getting to the root of Baby T's death was to involve the police authority. It turned out be worthless in the sense that when Vickie and Kabria visited the police station, the police never saw any reason to look into the cause of the death of a street child (as if street children are not backed by law, as if street children are not human beings).Aside the unwholesome conditions of the police station, Vickie and Kabria were made to realise that the police lacked necessary facilities to combat crime but at the end of the day MUTE was able to achieve what the police force could not achieve.

5 Reasons To Switch To The Access Bank Salary Account

Access Bank Nigerian PLC is one of the big well-known commercial banks in Nigeria. Yes! Having 304 branches nationwide with 1.835 trillion in total assets.
Access Bank has you covered and below are five(5) reasons you can no longer procrastinate but immediately switch your salary account to Access Bank Plc:-
(1) Automatic Credit Card Facility. This is no doubt, Access Bank issues credit card on top of the usual debit MasterCard. Those that truly understand the benefits of credit card are swiftly switching to Access Bank Salary Account.
(2) Delivery of Vehicle in 72 Hours:- This may sound like a joke but as real as the Bible, as possible as birth and it's the trending in town. With the Access Bank Vehicle Loan, your car can also be one among those crowding the street; only if you believe.
(3) Personal Loan of up to 50% of Annual Salary:- Imagine this deal, every experts knows that this is customers care and not just the common lousy advertisement or deceptive promos. Access Bank priori…

Power Season 3 And Tyrant Season 3 (Two Dramas Eagerly Waiting For)

Ok. Maybe you've been floating; you haven't seen the season 1&2 of both awesome TV series; then you need to grab your copies to keep abreast and be able to flow with the season 3 of POWER and the season 3 TYRANT when they start airing. According to a post at, TYRANT season 3 will be airing on FX from July 6, 2016 while a week later, POWER season 3 will begin airing on STARZ from July 17, 2016.
By God's grace, in peace and good health; we hope to enjoy the imaginative strength of talented producers and crews behind both TV series.




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