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5 Reasons To Switch To The Access Bank Salary Account

Access Bank Nigerian PLC is one of the big well-known commercial banks in Nigeria. Yes! Having 304 branches nationwide with 1.835 trillion in total assets.

Access Bank has you covered and below are five(5) reasons you can no longer procrastinate but immediately switch your salary account to Access Bank Plc:-

(1) Automatic Credit Card Facility. This is no doubt, Access Bank issues credit card on top of the usual debit MasterCard. Those that truly understand the benefits of credit card are swiftly switching to Access Bank Salary Account.

(2) Delivery of Vehicle in 72 Hours:- This may sound like a joke but as real as the Bible, as possible as birth and it's the trending in town. With the Access Bank Vehicle Loan, your car can also be one among those crowding the street; only if you believe.

(3) Personal Loan of up to 50% of Annual Salary:- Imagine this deal, every experts knows that this is customers care and not just the common lousy advertisement or deceptive promos. Access Bank priority is customers satisfaction.

(4) Mortgage Loan on 10% Equity Contribution:- Now you know that your fasting and prayer on any available mountain is over with this awesome mortgage loan. Those that seek the path to walk always arrive safe and fast. To have one's roof is long journey in this country and only those that know the right way arrive at their dream destinations.

(5) Education Loan:- Of all things, Access Bank can never leave this out. To customers with Access Bank Salary Account, education loan is guaranteed (anywhere, anytime within 48 hours)

For more information, check for Access Bank Terms and Conditions
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