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Examine The Significance of Vickie and Kabria's Visit to the Police Station in Faceless By Amma Darko

MAY/JUNE WASSCE or WAEC 2016 Literature-In-English question:- Examine the significance of Vickie and Kabria's visit to the police station.


As it is known that Faceless by Amma Darko is a detective novel and the investigation on the death of Baby T. with the major assistance of Fofo and MUTE led the story to a desired ending.

Part of the efforts of MUTE in getting to the root of Baby T's death was to involve the police authority. It turned out be worthless in the sense that when Vickie and Kabria visited the police station, the police never saw any reason to look into the cause of the death of a street child (as if street children are not backed by law, as if street children are not human beings).

Aside the unwholesome conditions of the police station, Vickie and Kabria were made to realise that the police lacked necessary facilities to combat crime but at the end of the day MUTE was able to achieve what the police force could not achieve.

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