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Imagine Plus Adnow On The Same Web Page

Surfing websites on Monday evening, I saw a particular website with loads of interesting information capable of making my 21century life; a smooth and smart one. Among the beauties of that particular website stood an eyesore which made me paused, examined and asked within my mind: "Is this acceptable or an intentional flaw?"

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This article is not a dramatic script that aims to live on suspenses. So allow me to clear your mind that the aforementioned "eyesore" was the Native ads (which is also known as sponsored links/recommended stories) that was embedded in both the widgets and below posts of that particular website. The featured images and the article titles were very catchy but that is not where this article I write is driving to; what I was not sure of is the mixture of the Native Ads of that particular website. So many questions have been raised on what or which AdSense alternative should be on a website with sponsored articles (Native Ads) and the issue has been well resolved on the ground that Native Ads and AdSense or its alternatives can share the same post because their advert codes are not the same.

On that particular websites, I saw two Native Ads of different advert networks on the same page ( and Adnow); and they appeared above each other very closely below post. The first question I asked myself was "Are these not sharing the same ads codes? What if the same ads appear on both?"

I immediately did some search on both ads networks and I realized that the two Native Ads carry their names and logo at the top-right end of their grids, the web owner also has the right to filter and determine what type of advert can appear on each Native Ads, not only that, the both mentioned Native Ads Networks allow for advert competition; so my worry became 80% solved but since I have not tried such combination, I was not sure to what degree one Native Ads will affect the effectiveness of the other.

To brief speak of both Native Ads found on that particular website:

(1) has been part of the online advertising networks for almost a decade, accepting sponsored contents from advertisers and disseminating them among publishers. The network helps advertisers to quickly understand their true costs, and optimize successful creative and placements as to achieve positive Return On Investment (ROI).

(2) Adnow is a thriving Native Ads network (not as famous as Taboola) because it accepts the small business web owners. This era that Native Ads has become the most effective tool for sales and content monetization. Where even the world largest internet platforms monetize their websites with native and in-feed ads, because up to 3 times higher CTR and 2 times higher conversion rates are assured, which increase the total income of advertisers and publishers up to 6 times!_ no wonder, Amazon has also embraced the use of Native Ads.

To be part of Adnow as a publisher is as easy as just sign-up and add a website manually. After which the Adnow admin will examine your website, check your audience profile and quality then give you the go-ahead to install widget and start earning with Adnow.

Please, be charitable enough to share this article if you do find it reasonable; Peace.

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