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Nigerian Photographers Earn Income From Getty Images

With the atmosphere of the universe at hand being a global small world, only the unexposed photographers are still living in their local bubbles; what a pity! My people perish for lack of wisdom.

A Nigerian photographer who flows with trend should stand the opportunity of widening his or her income funnel by joining one of the most seen and most trusted photography companies in the world;

Getty Images pays it contributors, irrespective of the country or geographical residence. Though competition is high but Nigerian photographers stand better chance of reward since with creativity and necessary skills, a Nigerian photographer will always standout as a twenty first century African explorer.

Becoming a contributor at Getty Images requires some special form of registration. After registration and acceptance, the way to revenue generation is next but before a contributor can be paid, the following are necessary (1) Name of the country where the contributor banks (2) PayPal account details of the contributor (3) Electronic funds transfer (EFT) bank account details of the contributor (4) Name of the country where the contributor pay taxes; If applicable (depending on the country) US taxpayer identification number (TIN), Employer Identification number (EIN) or social security number (SSN).

Often times, contributors have to wait 60 days from the month a sale is invoiced in order to be paid. It's standard for all of contributor agreements. And actually it's not very long if contributors consider that many of Getty's customers take 30-90 days to pay, sometimes even longer. Getty Images pays contributors on a 60 day cycle regardless of whether...

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