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Automobile Tutor: First Aid To Automobile Front-Wheel Drive

 Front-wheel drive (FWD) automobile holds a close antonym to Rear-wheel drive (RWD) automobile. Though front-wheel driven automobile is less preferred these day due to its cons, it belongs to the category of Two-wheel drive (TWD) automobiles and forms engine and transmission layout that use only the front wheels. 

(1) It improves fuel economy(1) It is very good for skillful displays
(2) It reduces production cost (2) It boosts traction
(3) It mostly weighs less(3) It normally has a very balanced weight

If you tell your mechanic that your automobile has front-wheel issues_ maybe wobbling or shimmying to be precise, here are few factors a good mechanic will put in consideration:
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Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them By John Mason (My Positive Testimony)

Reading has two possible impacts on the readers. It can either "make" the reader or "mar" the reader; in this wise, reading some certain books or readable materials can place positive or negative lasting implants in the habit of the reader.

Based on personal experience, one of the books that leaves a very lasting and positive impact in the lives of readers is the book titled: "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" by John Mason. Should in case you do not know, let me speak of how most people view John Mason; they normally call him a preacher and a motivational author but I love to refer to him as AN AUTHOR OF POSITIVE CHANGES and believe you me, all his books and seminars exemplify the name POSITIVE CHANGES. He is the author of Why Ask Why, An Enemy Called Average, Conquering An Enemy Called Average, Immitation Is Limitation, etc.

What is the fact and hint you need to know about the titled: "Know Your Limits Them Ignore Them"? According to the synopsis at goodreads, "Great Book from Best-selling author John Mason with over 1.5 million nugget books sold! Know Your Limits-Then Ignore Them contains 101 "Nuggets of Truth" to help you break through barriers, reach new heights and live your dreams. National best-selling author John Mason shows you how to take the lid off and capture momentum in your life. Each nugget is a source of sound wisdom, proven insight, and practical principles. Readers will learn how to: - Overcome fears and find success - Go farther than they can see - Use what they already have to go to the next level - Make problems their promotions Nugget: Nothing significant was ever accomplished by a realistic person. Nugget: It is better to be alone than in the wrong company. Nugget: Don't end up like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set. Nugget: If you find an excuse, don't pick it up. Nugget: Climb out of the grandstand and onto the playing field."

The truth remains that this book is widely available online for sale at numerous online stores but any interested reader can see the preview to prove that the book is a must for every living souls to read and praise the Lord they did.

What is my own positive testimony? At age 21, so full of fun and momentum since life flows sweetly like that of a reigning celebrity (everyone male and female, young and old crave for your company) but a sudden incident turned my table around via a fatal factory accident during a menial job I lost my hands (not a big deal) that was my thought in the beginning until I realized such little change had changed relationship with my friends, families, neighbor, and aliens whenever I meet them. They devalued my closeness, they undermined my abilities (though I actually couldn't do most of the things I used to do) depression began to set in to couple with my seldom traumatic memories of the bloody accident, I began playing chess alone to learn how to plan eight moves ahead for the future; life seemed like starting afresh at the age of 21 but only my siblings_ just them alone, could understand what I was going through but they had know solution than words of encouragement to my newly learnt handwriting, and to every slightest new attempts of mine to do things on my own.

Everything started going rosy when I read my second book of John Mason titled: "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" (the first book I read that is authored by John Mason is titled: "Why Ask Why"). I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I started redeeming my positive association with people, I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I was able to secure a new stress free, hazard free job, to crown it all, I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I began new love relationship after the previous cunningly broke up immediately after the physical disability. Till this day, grace of God, love from my parents and siblings, and the books of John Mason have given my life a positive lift; I attain feats that millions envy, I perform tasks that make people overwhelmingly exclaim "Wow!"

Few people will read this post then conclusively say, "What do I care?!" but others will try to find my stand. My notion remains that if this book is of positive transformation to me in the time of downslope, then it will surely yield positive result to whoever trys it.


The past is a corpse
Double bottoms-oozing stems
Troubling calls of tormenting pause,
Like stitched layers of an aborted cocoyam.

The grave is behind every soul
Scribbling epitaphs on our minds-
We can't tell where stand our poles
We can't sort the distance of our minds.

They buried strangers in one pit
Shy strangers of their own identity-
Soaking their screams in one sheet
Strangers lost in mental pity.

My mind has conquered my doubts
Everyday, I converse with my spirit,
For today, my hope still tread through this farm-
Awaiting the naming ceremony of the yam barn.

©Copyright:- Moses Chibueze Opara aka Mr. Humility
(A Nigerian poet and poetry analyst)

Our Street

Our street
is still the same yesterday
fluttering in today's polished arms;
embedded with
edges and curves
so curvy and edgy
perpetually wearing
faded hats
cum egregious garments;
hypnotising mortals
to dance
to her rhythm-
a locally based lullaby
whilst perceiving
the fetid smell of her

©Copyright:- Moses Chibueze Opara aka Mr. Humility
(A well-known Nigerian contemporary poet)

First Aid To Automobile Front-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel drive (FWD) automobile holds a close antonym to Rear-wheel drive (RWD) automobile. Though front-wheel driven automobile is less preferred these day due to its cons, it belongs to the category of Two-wheel drive (TWD) automobiles and forms engine and transmission layout that use only the front wheels.

(1) It improves fuel economy(1) It is very good for skillful displays
(2) It reduces production cost  (2) It boosts traction
(3) It mostly weighs less(3) It normally has a very balanced weight

If you tell your mechanic that your automobile has front-wheel issues_ maybe wobbling or shimmying to be precise, here are few factors a good mechanic will put in consideration:

>>> The pressure with the tyres will be considered to detect whether low or uneven.

>>> The condition of the steering gear will be checked to detect whether in proper conditions.

>>> The condition of the front-wheel bearings will be checked to detect whether in proper conditions.

>>> Another factor considered is the automobile caster to detect incorrect or uneven adjustment.

>>> The condition of the shock absorber will be checked to detect incorrect adjustment.

>>> The steering connections will also be checked to detect whether in proper conditions.

>>> The mechanic will also consider the state of the steering and gear lubrication.

>>> The mechanic will also consider if balance is maintained in the wheels, tyres or brake drums.

>>> Other possible factors that will be considered are bulged tyres, inoperative stabiliser, incorrect toe-in, bent or worn stub-axle knuckle, etc.

 Feel free to share with others if helpful this post seems to you share your opinion via the comment box.


I remember we first met at the bar
Just like some
Evil characters in the harvest of corruption

Our bond grew strong
Our hearts attend to each other's compulsions
Our union has seen many wobbles

Many fights and many embraces
Sharing your breath gives me bubbles
And must I still say this to your face?
Whenever it comes to affection
We're such a disciple

Your knees
To ninety degrees
Delegate the rest to me, please,
I put on my bedroom best for you_
You can't deny I

Always pour you my yoghurt of ecstasies
My divine yoghurt made by God
You're too hot a queen
So rub me
Rub me frictional to milk me

Just keep rubbing
You're my Angelina Jolie
The queen of all beautiful beings

Keep rubbing, please,
I've journeyed your desert face to torso
To meet this your oasis

Your two pumpkins must be swelling
Your heartbeat must be panting
Your waistband must be jerking
We do not need
Any distraction at this moment, please,

Let me quench my thirsty lips
With the lips of my tongue
As I stand on your solid rock
Trickling solubles
Leaving me to lick your fluids all
And never thirst no more.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


God knows I wanna be a pilot
I wanna be a pilot
I wanna be a pilot
Singing the same song for how long
O pilot at heart you're such a loser
A slave to plights in flights
This machine won't fly itself
Choose the helmet of brave hearts
Make the engine steam in the sky
Burn gasolines up high
Make mistake and learn from it
Private practice to public display
Every runway is a new risk
A new risk to partake
Such is the fact but not the myth
Pilots pivot in latitude of times
Hearts wishing each other
Better luck next time are no quitters;
Please, build up the heart that perseveres.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Guess who seasonally
Sieves right from wrong
Linear thinkers
No second thoughts
In beauty
Six moves ahead
"What Is What"
at 10,
The true evidence
Of metaphysics in physical beings
Of shapes, numbers, structures and
Relationships in between;
To be candid,
Women are totally pythagoras.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


They say to start a family is easy
To hold it is hard
Please remind me what on earth is rosy
If not, my good fellow friends,
Speedy biscuit wouldn't have lost it popularity
Poverty, job insecurity, european-certification decay,
Turbo-changes through computer age,
Inflation nemesis_ causing the unstable price of ABC
Both to the sachets and the tins
When cerelac and nan are for the affluent babies,
Infinite demanding needs of nursing mommies
Are all setbacks to my breeding and brooding
To my laying of mommy and daddy eggs
But now at the crossroad
No retreat no surrender
Beating the bush is over
Head must begin now
Hoeing through the jungle of fatherly responsibilities
Body must begin now
Cutlassing the weeds in growing fruitful kids
Heart must begin now
Building the bans for a successful family harvest
Be you rich or poor
Be you capable or incapable of
Picking up the man-tool of fatherhood
Until a man sacrifices his soul
For the addition of branches to the family tree
Everyone will call him a useless human being;
It's not easy to be a MAN!!!

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


I looked into the sky
Hardly birds flew
Heaven stared like an innocent
An eicher truck
From nowhere screeched at the pavement
Stainless pots
And heavy tripods
Hugged one another briefly
Yes, they're the party professionals
Erect their utensils in multitudes
Priests and many obvious born-agains
Too many black-horse chairs
Aroma, sweat, perfume-scent vies for the airs
As if in politics
Fried rice pastural green
Fried chicken
Fried fishes
Above whatever delicacy
Crates of Cokes
Kids picking the crown corks of deceitful promos
These people are eating again?
I thought they just ate beans"
"No sir,
The beans was in the morning"
"The atmosphere seems like the dawn
Are we not still in the morning time?"
"Actually sir,
We're at the moment in the evening time"
O my God! The event was sweet to see
Why should I waking here?
After all, it wasn't a nightmare.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Let's Face Reality

Though the cross is misused
Faiths abused
Hopes are fooled
Remains our own Africa
Not the war of
Sanctuaries alone
You scepters and crowns
You mantle of powers
You apocalyptic daddies
Stop now
Stop venting your selfish angers
Forcing taxation
And the payment of taxes
On the tithes and offerings
Because Christianity here
Has condemned
Your aims to enable same genderness;
This culture shuns inadequacy
This culture promotes virtuous humanly display.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

With The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Leave me in this
Of Jesus Christ
From his wounded hand
Down my face to thighs
Let me not hear you
I'm blood-tised
By the blood
When I'm already baptised
Twenty years back by water-
Pot of orthodox church
With the help of

Harmful arrows
Now catapult to their senders
I'm now covered with the
Blood of Jesus

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Daniels' Den

This lion
In the Daniels' den
This only lion all night
The circle of deadly Daniels
Red fur wearing, gold
Fur wearing,
Wearing wild Daniels
The obviously obligatory Daniels
Deities spirits locked their jaws couldn't
Devour the innocent godfearing lion
First bird resumed chirping,
Labor hearts woke
For the fear of
Their own daily bread
The cynically belittling heads
Rushed. The lion we left in Daniels' den
Where's the remnant bones of evidence?
Abandoned lion jumped out of Daniels' den
Splashed their cynic skins to a disposable skeleton;
Truth be told, I was that fatefully victorious abandoned...

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


[Igbo version >>>]
Chineke biko ekwena
Ka uwa mu ayin. Owena
Ihe madu me, umu uwa ka fu Ku
Umu enu-uwa ji ekuleku
Oye ta anu, ri aju
Umu uwa ka fu Ku
Oye ji ego zu ahia, bu agu
Umu uwa ka fu Ku
Ye we isi, wa cho ma odudu
Ye we allow, wa cho ma allowance
Umu uwa bu ekwensu
Chukwu zo ba madu.

[English version >>>]
God please don't let
The world mock us. No matter what
One does, people will always rumor
Oh, humans and their rumor trouble
He who eats meat, eats fish
Humans will rumor it
He who invests money but hungries
Humans will rumor it
Give humans top, they'll ask for bottom
Give humans allow, they'll ask for allowance
Human beings are so devious
May God keeps saving us.

[French version >>>]
Dieu s'il vous plaît ne laissez pas
Le monde nous moquer. Peu importe ce qu'
-On fait les gens vont toujours rumeur
Oh , les humains et leur détresse rumeur
Celui qui mange de la viande , le poisson mange
Les humains rumeur il
Celui qui investit de l'argent , mais Affamés
Les humains rumeur il
Offrir les humains haut , ils vont demander pour le fond
Offrir les humains permettent , ils vont demander de l'allocation
Les êtres humains sont si retors
Que Dieu nous garde sauver

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

He Castled To The Queen Side chess

Faced with an opponent
The battle line is drawn
Oh what a move nineteenth
You have a good plan
I can see your plan
A checkmate in one
Such a plan you have
So naive in the badland
Out of your shallow mind
A grave
But who's to make a move
I'm the one
My pawn pushes to c8
With no delay
An awesome promotion
Creates a gallant Knight
Checkmating your silly king
Amidst three pawns hiding
On the a7 square
A word of advice
When next you play me
Never ever castle to the Queen side.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Gifted Hands

As if Im Ben Carson

My hands are bartered with mud
I’m molding truth in form of clay pot
Because the water
To plaster my truth’s
Here enough in my rhymes
If you care to know

My hands tilling the soil with hoe
For truth be planted for liars be fed
Hundreds of numbers of barns of truth
In reserve
For that is what matters

My hands are firm for hammer
Beating the truth into war tools
Melted re-melted
Packing the aches
Blowing the bilow
Maybe bow and arrow
Or two edged sword

My hands are blessed by God
To write these words of truth to multitudes
Garnished in stanza of zuegma Personified
To flea the lies

For ibi a ba wi si ko laa ku si
(We can’t die
At the spot we speak the truth)
That’s why we must vow
To speak the truth
All the days of our life.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Poetry Began The Puzzle Of Romeo And Juliet

With poetry
Will kiss you from afar
Draw you in abstract arms

As puppies love to be pawed on
Their necks. All lovers love
To be rubbed on the chest

Poetry resurrects angels
Ask Shakespeare
Poetry began the puzzle of Romeo and Juliet
Pity them sending poetry off their lives to despair

Poetry can gift
Poetry can gravitate
Poetry can gather scenes of sweet memories
Poetry can pollinate the listening hearts

Poetry can weave lines
You can't read open else
You begin to fan for instance
Your lub underwears

For trained robots satisfy
Not more than lusty verses can
Massage your bellybutton to
Satisfy your inbuilt butterfly

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Blood Birth

Vultures around rotten bones
Under the dry sneeze of the trees,
Bare-heads of broken stares
Smooched-stems beneath
The clay soil of swollen streams,
Scary fields littered with deaths and poverty
Strange mating of divorced nights,
Ungodly whispers in channeled layers
Fumes of rebellious dusts,
Roasted corpse, wayward hearts
Lodged in tender fury of death,
Drizzling clouds, starved fellows
Carnivores in mortal gowns.

©copyright:- Moses Chibueze Opara aka Mr. Humility
(A contemporary Nigerian poet and book analyst)

Four Science Process Skills For Teaching And Learning Science

In the teaching and learning of science, some science process skills are needed and this article will briefly speak of four:

(1) OBSERVATION:- Just as detectives look for clues to murder weapons, motive of crimes and criminals; a student must possess trained skills for observation using the sense of sight, touch, smell, hear, taste, etc. According to Hodgson and Scanlon (1983) "the powers of observation can be learnt..."

(2) CLASSIFICATION:- This is another skill of a scientist or someone learning to become a scientist. This ability requires a very deep understanding of how to sort things in accordance with their types or properties using genres, habits, sizes, colors, ages, genders, etc.

(3) COMMUNICATION:- Whether written, spoken, coding, or other means; scientific researches and outcomes are brought to light through communication. Any student of science must be skilled in talking, writing, drawing, charting, plotting; for the sole aim of scientific developments.

(4) PREDICTION:- One of the skills that places science ahead of other disciplines is prediction. A good scientist should be able to guess correctly what happens when a glowing splint of wood is introduced into a glass jar full of gas. The wood splint will definitely burst into flame.

Discuss Any Three Themes In The Castle Of Otranto By Horace Walpole

Discuss any three themes in The Castle Of Otranto by Horace Walpole. (NECO JUNE/JULY 2016) 

The Castle of Otranto is built around Manfred's desperation to uphold his beloved status. The book begins on the wedding-day of his sickly son Conrad and princess Isabella. Shortly before the wedding, however, Conrad is crushed to death by a gigantic helmet that falls on him from above. This inexplicable event is particularly ominous in light of an ancient prophecy "That the castle and lordship of Otranto should pass from the present family, whenever the real owner should be grown too large to inhabit it". Manfred, terrified that Conrad's death signals the beginning of the end for his line, resolves to avert destruction by marrying Isabella himself while divorcing his current wife Hippolita, who he feels has failed to bear him a proper heir.

[THEME 1] The Castle:- The castle can be tagged one of the themes of the novel The Castle of Otranto. The title and the context of the story in totality give the castle another dimension. It can also be added that the castle is almost a hyperbole in itself. The disproportionate size of the castle has such a central and important role. The castle does not really belong to Manfred's family, this is why he wanted to marry Conrad to Isabella. It would seem that the castle rejects Manfred, because it is the symbol of the rightful owner’s family. The castle becomes some kind of a character of its own. 

[THEME 2] The Escape:-The novel portrays Isabella a pure virtuous female who symbolises innocence while Manfred represents a perfidious being who longs after a innocent young woman and wants to divorce his wife and marry his daughter-in-law. Isabella is not the only character who tries to escape from Manfred’s dubious plans. Matilda does too, but not in the same way. She disobeys her father and helps Theodore in his plans to break free. 

[THEME 3] The Doppleganger:- Matilda and Isabella’s resemblance is striking. Not only do they share beauty and charm (“Manfred, Prince of Otranto, had one son and one daughter: the latter, a most beautiful virgin, aged eighteen, was called Matilda.”52 ; “beauteous and all perfect as [Isabella’s] form is”53) but they also share the same status of pious and virgin young girls. They also act in a very similar way, when they are together they usually do the exact same thing and are referred to as a group. The answer to the question above is made possible with the assistance of the indept article titled:- "The Castle Of Otranto: The First Gothic Novel - DUMAS - CNRS"

Defining Java And JavaScript

It pleases to clear all the confusion regarding which-one-is-which about Java and Javascript. It takes a lot of efforts and concentrations for a layman to understand the difference between java and javascript, judging by the use of strange computer classied languages used in many articles. I thought to myself, which way is the easiest way to differentiate? Yes, the use of table below
(1) It has a static type(1) It has a dynamic type
(2) It loads from compiled bytecode(2) It loads as human-readable source code
(3) It has objects class-base(3) It has prototype-base
(4) It doesn't support functional programming until Java 8(4) It contains many features based on Scheme
"Javascript and Java are otherwise unrelated and have very different semantics. The syntax of javascript is actually derived from C language" For detail explanation of Java and Javascript as a school homework, this article will surely be of assistance.

Divorce Is The Worst Peace Keeping Force

The truth still remains
Divorce is
Keeping task force
To cure marital chaos
Oh dear Divorce!
Look at what I have become.
I used to reason with my lover's heart
For I had no heart of my own
Now that the heart is gone what
Is to depend on?
What calabash mender can mend
Shattered to sand dune
As stump of dubious iroko tree struck our strolling
Leaving hearts that cohabited collided disagreeing
As this sixty thousand coaches train steams between us
Lending us everlasting divorce
That blinded off
Left my room with no healing miracle
Now living on wounds
Hunger has denied my belly
My belly worms loosely hope for nothing to feed on
Blouse and gowns outgrown by body
As tick tock
Watching or viewing
Seems horrible as Vampire Diaries
No love movies appease my heart oracle
No love music appears to be cool
Picking masculine is for material reward
Oh stupid divorce!
I'm now a gladiatorial single mom;
So immorally Spartacus
Ever since I divorced.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Rapper Smear


Rappers are highly multi talented souls
Attractive or ugly_ they make billion box
Practically, men rappers raise feuds with men
Pathetic ones raise feuds with women
Expecting to be evergreen with rusty lyrics of
Roguing, burgling, trafficking, compulsive lusting

Some resign their songwriting
Model for tom, dick and harry till turn thirty
Enter entrepreneurship hard to define
Act movies plus million other things;
Rappers are very funny human beings.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)
IMAGE SOURCE:- officialpsds

I Choose Life (poem by Kingsley Ayistar)

He who desires life and loves many days,
Let him deaden the flesh and walk the Spirit-ways...
I choose to be a servant of God
Not a slave of sin in the devil's squad.

I choose to be a pencil in His hands
Not a pawn of immorality in Satan's plans.
I choose Christ my life to control
Not let the Devil sift my soul.

I'd rather have the company of His cherubs
Than rub elbows with the spirits of Beelzebub.
I'll seek God's face in times of trial
Not the oracle of accursed Belial.

In Him I'll place an unending trust
Not hope in mammon nor in walking dusts.
The vine is Jesus in whom I'll abide;
His name is the tower where I shall hide.

© copyright:- Kingsley U. Ayistar

Screaming For Venus

With earrings I pierce ears of my heart to listen well
To the spirits and the livings
Let me belittle the intestinal bad-belly angels
Of communal backbitings
Knowing life a charcoal board to be written feelings
Of goosebumps
And of grievances and of
Any midnight miming that should
Please progesterones

Hello, please, call back later
Lots of laundry to do under this moonlight
As now is the duly duty time proclaimed
Life best gift is thigh parting
Beat me the tamtam to turn melody on
As the melody begins, begin partner
Let my arms turn to John Opener
Let my hips turn to Will Faulkner
In this own nuptial dance of no-loin

Sweet singer sing the more
Oh sing, oh sing louder thy best sedulity song
While my divine milk gush off beneath me
Forcing thy song-screaming to cross the Atlantic
Striking Venus her sleepy head to bless thy screaming
Screaming yea yeah oh yeah;
Thank God! By now, neighbors must be disturbed.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Dear (a poem by Moses Opara)

Your stares are like daggers in my heart
They stab my frowning heat,
Your eyes bring sweet sensations to my heart
Like the morning sun in the sky,
I can't trace the end of your smiles.

This is to the post office of your heart
You are lovely and moderate
I love you than a thousand gifts
Your smiles and unsurpassing grace open the windows of my heart,
I love you not for beauty that fades with time
But for your heart, I sublime
And your words that calm my heart.

Turbulent sea do make love its shade
And memories of sweet times do fade
Sometimes I feel like glimpsing your heavenly face
To picture my journey in this race,
Treat our budding love with care
For bragging death with deal with fear
My love for you can't be dimmed
So long my heart is untrimmed.

Your are a gift to my heart
The song on my loving lips,
My sunset upon the hills
And the mirror that reflects my heart,
When I see you, I see heaven
Your beautiful smile is my haven.

Oh beautiful,
When I see you
I glimpse eternity,
I love you for you
And for your loving clarity.

©copyright:- Moses Chibueze Opara
A contemporary Nigerian poet
and a member of
Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA)


Antithesis is like this
Nests harbour the birds
The birds migrate without nests
Ingrates assume the birds are
Then you're judging another living
Haven't you opened your Bible
Ere is to judge, leave it to God
Sorry you're not a Bible person
Inability to free yourself is killing
See you influenced by this antithesis of life.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Antithesis: A device by which two contrasting ideas are juxtaposed in parallel form.

Red Compulsion

Guess who's bad
In this era where uncorrupted
Content is hard
A bard delivers it as it's hot
The rolling rhymes,
The flappy heroic tales
Of past times
Will simile not be idle
Irony will die
Who will allude to the Bible
Onomatopoeia cry
Out loud for aid at rooftops
If no bard around
A bard is a lyrical poet.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Literature: The Oral The Written

Literature in itself is a culture where the beauty of words_ the main tool of literature, is highly cherished. It exists in two major forms: (1) Oral literature (2) Written literature.

Oral literature: It is the earliest form of literature. It has become highly unpopular in the modern world. It is the mother of other forms of literature which is now more preferred. It employs spoken words to pass across information. It came into force before the invention of written technology. Here, history, customs, norms and so on are preserved for unborn generations through oral transmission which include folklores, fables, songs, poems, etc.

Written literature: This form of literature employs written words to communicate. It's the most popular form of literature. It employs the aesthetic value of words to create pictures in the human mind and pass across valuable information. It exists in various forms which will be examined under the genres of literature.

Importance Of Literature:-

(i) It captures and reflects the going-on in the society.
(ii) It preserves societal norms and cultures.
(iii) It teaches moral values.
(iv) It generates employment
(v) It informs, educates and entertains.


Not mostly a true life story
Only offspring of imaginaries
Varying characters in varying events
Entertainment is the key element;
Longer in length than short stories.

How to give novel a definition:-
A novel is a long fictive work of art. It is usually multi-themed and relies largely on grammatical dexterity of its author to bring out its best. Its structure differs from that of drama and poetry with most of its dialogues in quotation marks or revealed with indirect speeches. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole is a good example.

Bombers Took Nigerian House and Stay

A Nation housing many souls
Is no joke.
Why must the hen sell her children
To the hawks?
We hope we hope and the more we
Try to cope
These wickedness tighten the barbed rope
Choking masses necks
Yoruba president couldn't stop them
We voted hat
Hat president couldn't stop them
We voted broom
Broom president just keeps sweeping
Roundabout the bush
Bombers feed and fatten on massacres
Like Basorun Gaa
We watch headless heads beg for dialogue
None can curb
These gallivanting men of menace
Roam like home
Planting maize of human flesh
Who will harvest?
Something is wrong somewhere
Let me check
I'm the medical physician of poetry
From my stethoscope
Oh no this country is mal-à-tête
Of ill government
That's why I'm recommending this
Teaspoon of anecdote
Plus piriton overdose
Mixed with hallucinogen
Put these federal house of rigs
To their own sleep
To shamefully snore and dream
And dream
Of their own foolish lying wickedness
The masses milks and belongings
From 2016 to October 1960
No story is pleasing including
The funny freedom day flagging
Of manipulation given.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


"Poetry also uses pauses in the lines One of such pauses is known as caesura, which is a rhythmical pause in a poetic line or a sentence. It often occurs in the middle of a line, or sometimes at the beginning and the end. At times, it occurs with punctuation; however, at other times it does not. Poets indicate it with a parallel symbol thus: ||. Caesura can be medial (occurring in the middle of line), initial (occurring at the beginning of poetic line), or terminal (occurring at the end of a poetic line)." Source:-

The Act Of Living With New Neighbors

From landlord headache
You're now free
You're now in
Your new site
Newly built abode
Neighbor by left
Neighbor by right
You're in between
You're in trouble
Igbo neighbor left
Igbo neighbor right
You're in between
You're in trouble
They're always yelling
Bia eba Chinedu!
Bute ifa Chinasa!
Ina nu-nti Chibike!
Ebe kina-ga Chibeze!
You're in trouble
They're always cooking
You're home suffocating
Your "Ox"-fan tried
Never could outshine
Their evil aroma
Keep you vomiting
You're in trouble
Forcefully aroma rushing
Orha from left
Orgbolor from right
Aka-Utazi from left
Ayan-Nzizi from right
Ofe-Ede from left
Ofe-Akwu from right
You're in trouble
They're always pounding
Pounding pepper
Pounding okra
Pounding crayfish
Pounding mushroom
Pounding cocoyam
Pounding yam consistently
You're in trouble
Noise never dies
It keeps coming
They're always celebrating
Celebrating first everything
The first moon
The first rain
The first yam
The first melon
Firstborn of goat
Firstborn of family
Firstborn of firstborn
You're in trouble
Noise never dies
Blowing local flutes
Blowing local drums
Singing local songs
Dancing local dances
All Igbo neighbors
Are awesomely living
Their earth existence
Wherever they dwelling
Oh newly neighbor
You can't sell
You newly abode
Be miserable between
Or just join
The noisy beings
And then begin
An awesome living;
Choice is yours.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Relationship Between 14 Principles Of Management And 14 Principles Of Leadership

If only viewed properly, both laws share some things in common and they can be used interchangeably for the benefit of a leader or an organization far beyond believe.

14 Principles Of Management by Henri Fayol14 Principles Of Leadership by John Maxwell
(1) There must be specialization i.e Law of work division(1) Everything falls on a leader i.e Law of the lid
(2) Ability to give order and exact obedience i.e Law of authority(2) People must be motivated to follow i.e Law of influence
(3) There must focus and dedication i.e Law of discipline(3) This' where patience and skill acquisation matter i.e Law of process
(4) Orders must come from only one leader i.e Law of unity of command(4) Planning and strategizing i.e Law of navigation
(5) All must focus on one goal alone i.e Law of unity of direction(5) True leader is listened to with willingness i.e Law of E. F. Hutton
(6) Interest of organization comes before that of individuals i.e Law of Subordination(6) A leader must build trust i.e Law of solid ground
(7) There must be reward in place i.e Law of remuneration(7) People follow those stronger and wiser than them i.e Law of respect
(8) Power must flow from the top leader i.e Law of centralization(8) A leader must be able to see beyond the present i.e Law of intuition
(9) Chain-like authority scale i.e Law of scalar chain(9) Who you are is who you attract i.e Law of magnetnism
(10) Fairness in dissemination of responsibilities i.e Law of order(10) You must touch the heart before asking for follow i.e Law of connection
(11) Equality must be adhere to i.e Law of equity(11) Team spirit i.e Law of inner-circle
(12) Security of subordinate effort i.e Law of stability of tenure of personnel(12) "Great things happen when you don't care who gets the credit" Mark Twain; i.e Law of empowerment
(13) There must be reward for positively effective initiative i.e Law of initiative(13) It takes a leader to raise up a leader i.e Law of reproduction
(14) There must be an atmosphere of harmony i.e Law of espirit de corps(14) People like the leader before they can like the leader's vision i.e Law of buy-in

You might have a better notion, please, feel free to share; you're the best.

Should Be Comedy Not Tragedy

No matter the moving pace
Of your life right now
God has graded it into
The comedy category. Every life
Supposes to end up sweetly
As comedy movies we watch
As sweet sweet chariot took
Saint Elijah home to God
As such end of people
Living this dust supposed to
Who has forgotten the sweet
End of sweet lady Cinderella?
Who has forgotten the sweet
End of sweet cartoon character
The beauty and the beast?
To you funny forgetful souls
Who have forgotten the sweet
End of "chino" Ryan Atwood
Rush go watch the O.C.
Oh should I still uncover
The sweet end of Mandela?
No matter the pace of
Your life at the moment
Always remember in each attempt
Of your daily waking up
God has programmed your life
To end up in delight
But selfishness and greed and
Peer pressure misleading many daddies
Push their lives on earth
Into a shameful wasteful tragedy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Discuss The Blood Of A Stranger By Dele Charley As A Tragedy [NECO June/July 2016]

Discuss The Blood Of A Stranger by Dele Charley as a tragedy [NECO June/July 2016]

The Blood Of A Stranger by Dele Charley is truly a tragedy. The drama is about a foreigner (Whitehead) and his subordinate (Parker) who came into Mandoland to exploit them of their undiscovered diamonds. At a certain level Whitehead and his corrupt fellow villagers (Maligu, Soko, etc) appeared to be heroes of the people of Mandoland but at the end, catastrophe struck and nemesis befell all the evildoers in Mandoland.

A tragedy is a drama or similar work, in which the main character is brought to ruin or otherwise made to suffers the extreme consequences of some tragic flaws or weakness of character. In most tragic dramas, the following factors are common: selfish hero in disguise, ignorance, deceitfulness, pity and fear, betrayal, death or loss (downfall).

Starting with the first factor, the people of Mando thought Maligu, Whitehead, Solo, etc; were their true hero. They thought they had brought joy into the land and made the lives of the people better; they didn't know their goodwills were cosmetic.

Ignorance, as seen in the drama, Maligu didn't know the underlying agenda of Whitehead and his subordinate until the corrupt acts had saturated. On the angle of the King Santigi and his people, they trusted Soko so much that they were ignorant of the fact that he was a human and can easily go astray.

The greedy ambitions of all the corrupt characters in the play led to deceitfulness. Their kind gestures were as well deceptive combined with the introduction of tobacco smoking within the Mando people.

Things began to go ugly for Whitehead, Soko, and Maligu when they realized the gravity of Kindo's threats which led to bigger fear. In the beginning, Soko, being the Chief priest appreciated his humble state and had fear for the ancestors and the king of Mandoland before Maligu manipulated him. His pity towards Wara, also emerged additional fear in him.

When the entire Mandoland realized that Whitehead had betrayed their trust, one betrayal led to another; Maligu also betrayed Whitehead by denying his evil plots.

Death and lost (downfall) were also evident in the drama to make it truly a tragedy. Whitehead didn't accomplish in plans but met his own ill fate; he was killed, Parker was killed as well, Solo was killed also.


Politiques ease hay deathy game
Holey Gourd! Hep diss wee ya suns
Noe leader ass led horse prop-ally
A-mo-sue Morse bee inn sane
4 claiming two rule Lagos prop-ally
Hall reigned Nigerian leaders her men tally dereigned
Her-basher messed hop hand left
Whore-basanjo fun bood hand left
Gooned-lock spoiled avery tin
W.A.I. due wee herds pet Boo harry to par form;
Hiss two ode hay man to reason wright
(O mes bonnes amis) Hoe mai good friends
Ham nut inn sane ore men tally dereigned
Ham jos hear to speak mai mind dart
High eight Nigerian shellfish politiques
With every strengths and senses and my veins
So if you understand this my poetry
Please, pretend you don't and call it jargons.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Is Stanbic IBTC Bank Overdraft Suitable For You

You can have access to a revolving overdraft with a credit limit equivalent to half the value of your monthly salary. The loan is revolving and can be used over and over again when you need money. It's renewable after 12 months.

The benefit is that if you don't use it you don't pay for it. You pay monthly interest only on the amount you use.
Another benefit is that you can decrease your limit whenever you want or ask for it to be increased.
One more benefit is that there is no need for you to reapply for a loan when you need cash.

To be eligible to apply, you will need to provide a letter from your employer confirming and undertaking to domicile your salary.
You will need bank statements showing your salary deposit over six consecutive months.
You will need a proof of your address, eg. recent utility bill.
You will need an identification in the form of your current international passport, driver's license or national ID card. Foreign nationals must provide their resident permit.


No Beautiful Is Perfect

Through binocular of experience
Visage from toddler to beard chin
Eyes have seen
Convinced now
None can confuse my senses
Knowing beauty's just a percentile
No beautiful is perfect
In polygamy
Weigh the scale, close the case
Laces are too transparent a thing
No beautiful duly donates a lasting peace
None of all worths my busy wordy schedules
Imperfections full of pomposities
No long joy lives in beautiful
Kissing: not even it, not in palaces,
Not in blood-ties_ knowing family trees
Swiftly achieve wide branches
Pacing out Methuselah trees
Beautiful poultries attracts cocidiocis
Fat clean poppies attract fine lice
Light is lightless in existence of no darkness
No wonder fine ladies live with fat lies
Too many breeches in cohabitations
The beautiful get lust to buddy-calls
Only the foolishness hope for G days
Don't be lost in the beauties maze
No beautiful is perfect.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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