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Bombers Took Nigerian House and Stay

A Nation housing many souls
Is no joke.
Why must the hen sell her children
To the hawks?
We hope we hope and the more we
Try to cope
These wickedness tighten the barbed rope
Choking masses necks
Yoruba president couldn't stop them
We voted hat
Hat president couldn't stop them
We voted broom
Broom president just keeps sweeping
Roundabout the bush
Bombers feed and fatten on massacres
Like Basorun Gaa
We watch headless heads beg for dialogue
None can curb
These gallivanting men of menace
Roam like home
Planting maize of human flesh
Who will harvest?
Something is wrong somewhere
Let me check
I'm the medical physician of poetry
From my stethoscope
Oh no this country is mal-à-tête
Of ill government
That's why I'm recommending this
Teaspoon of anecdote
Plus piriton overdose
Mixed with hallucinogen
Put these federal house of rigs
To their own sleep
To shamefully snore and dream
And dream
Of their own foolish lying wickedness
The masses milks and belongings
From 2016 to October 1960
No story is pleasing including
The funny freedom day flagging
Of manipulation given.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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