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Defining Java And JavaScript

It pleases to clear all the confusion regarding which-one-is-which about Java and Javascript. It takes a lot of efforts and concentrations for a layman to understand the difference between java and javascript, judging by the use of strange computer classied languages used in many articles. I thought to myself, which way is the easiest way to differentiate? Yes, the use of table below
(1) It has a static type(1) It has a dynamic type
(2) It loads from compiled bytecode(2) It loads as human-readable source code
(3) It has objects class-base(3) It has prototype-base
(4) It doesn't support functional programming until Java 8(4) It contains many features based on Scheme
"Javascript and Java are otherwise unrelated and have very different semantics. The syntax of javascript is actually derived from C language" For detail explanation of Java and Javascript as a school homework, this article will surely be of assistance.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

(1) has inferred static type (best of both worlds)
(2) compiles from human readable code to javascript without runtime errors
(3) one immutable source of state data
(4) is purely functional


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