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Discuss The Blood Of A Stranger By Dele Charley As A Tragedy [NECO June/July 2016]

Discuss The Blood Of A Stranger by Dele Charley as a tragedy [NECO June/July 2016]

The Blood Of A Stranger by Dele Charley is truly a tragedy. The drama is about a foreigner (Whitehead) and his subordinate (Parker) who came into Mandoland to exploit them of their undiscovered diamonds. At a certain level Whitehead and his corrupt fellow villagers (Maligu, Soko, etc) appeared to be heroes of the people of Mandoland but at the end, catastrophe struck and nemesis befell all the evildoers in Mandoland.

A tragedy is a drama or similar work, in which the main character is brought to ruin or otherwise made to suffers the extreme consequences of some tragic flaws or weakness of character. In most tragic dramas, the following factors are common: selfish hero in disguise, ignorance, deceitfulness, pity and fear, betrayal, death or loss (downfall).

Starting with the first factor, the people of Mando thought Maligu, Whitehead, Solo, etc; were their true hero. They thought they had brought joy into the land and made the lives of the people better; they didn't know their goodwills were cosmetic.

Ignorance, as seen in the drama, Maligu didn't know the underlying agenda of Whitehead and his subordinate until the corrupt acts had saturated. On the angle of the King Santigi and his people, they trusted Soko so much that they were ignorant of the fact that he was a human and can easily go astray.

The greedy ambitions of all the corrupt characters in the play led to deceitfulness. Their kind gestures were as well deceptive combined with the introduction of tobacco smoking within the Mando people.

Things began to go ugly for Whitehead, Soko, and Maligu when they realized the gravity of Kindo's threats which led to bigger fear. In the beginning, Soko, being the Chief priest appreciated his humble state and had fear for the ancestors and the king of Mandoland before Maligu manipulated him. His pity towards Wara, also emerged additional fear in him.

When the entire Mandoland realized that Whitehead had betrayed their trust, one betrayal led to another; Maligu also betrayed Whitehead by denying his evil plots.

Death and lost (downfall) were also evident in the drama to make it truly a tragedy. Whitehead didn't accomplish in plans but met his own ill fate; he was killed, Parker was killed as well, Solo was killed also.

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