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I Choose Life (poem by Kingsley Ayistar)

He who desires life and loves many days,
Let him deaden the flesh and walk the Spirit-ways...
I choose to be a servant of God
Not a slave of sin in the devil's squad.

I choose to be a pencil in His hands
Not a pawn of immorality in Satan's plans.
I choose Christ my life to control
Not let the Devil sift my soul.

I'd rather have the company of His cherubs
Than rub elbows with the spirits of Beelzebub.
I'll seek God's face in times of trial
Not the oracle of accursed Belial.

In Him I'll place an unending trust
Not hope in mammon nor in walking dusts.
The vine is Jesus in whom I'll abide;
His name is the tower where I shall hide.

© copyright:- Kingsley U. Ayistar

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