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Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them By John Mason (My Positive Testimony)

Reading has two possible impacts on the readers. It can either "make" the reader or "mar" the reader; in this wise, reading some certain books or readable materials can place positive or negative lasting implants in the habit of the reader.

Based on personal experience, one of the books that leaves a very lasting and positive impact in the lives of readers is the book titled: "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" by John Mason. Should in case you do not know, let me speak of how most people view John Mason; they normally call him a preacher and a motivational author but I love to refer to him as AN AUTHOR OF POSITIVE CHANGES and believe you me, all his books and seminars exemplify the name POSITIVE CHANGES. He is the author of Why Ask Why, An Enemy Called Average, Conquering An Enemy Called Average, Immitation Is Limitation, etc.

What is the fact and hint you need to know about the titled: "Know Your Limits Them Ignore Them"? According to the synopsis at goodreads, "Great Book from Best-selling author John Mason with over 1.5 million nugget books sold! Know Your Limits-Then Ignore Them contains 101 "Nuggets of Truth" to help you break through barriers, reach new heights and live your dreams. National best-selling author John Mason shows you how to take the lid off and capture momentum in your life. Each nugget is a source of sound wisdom, proven insight, and practical principles. Readers will learn how to: - Overcome fears and find success - Go farther than they can see - Use what they already have to go to the next level - Make problems their promotions Nugget: Nothing significant was ever accomplished by a realistic person. Nugget: It is better to be alone than in the wrong company. Nugget: Don't end up like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set. Nugget: If you find an excuse, don't pick it up. Nugget: Climb out of the grandstand and onto the playing field."

The truth remains that this book is widely available online for sale at numerous online stores but any interested reader can see the preview to prove that the book is a must for every living souls to read and praise the Lord they did.

What is my own positive testimony? At age 21, so full of fun and momentum since life flows sweetly like that of a reigning celebrity (everyone male and female, young and old crave for your company) but a sudden incident turned my table around via a fatal factory accident during a menial job I lost my hands (not a big deal) that was my thought in the beginning until I realized such little change had changed relationship with my friends, families, neighbor, and aliens whenever I meet them. They devalued my closeness, they undermined my abilities (though I actually couldn't do most of the things I used to do) depression began to set in to couple with my seldom traumatic memories of the bloody accident, I began playing chess alone to learn how to plan eight moves ahead for the future; life seemed like starting afresh at the age of 21 but only my siblings_ just them alone, could understand what I was going through but they had know solution than words of encouragement to my newly learnt handwriting, and to every slightest new attempts of mine to do things on my own.

Everything started going rosy when I read my second book of John Mason titled: "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" (the first book I read that is authored by John Mason is titled: "Why Ask Why"). I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I started redeeming my positive association with people, I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I was able to secure a new stress free, hazard free job, to crown it all, I wasn't through with "Know Your Limits Then Ignore Them" when I began new love relationship after the previous cunningly broke up immediately after the physical disability. Till this day, grace of God, love from my parents and siblings, and the books of John Mason have given my life a positive lift; I attain feats that millions envy, I perform tasks that make people overwhelmingly exclaim "Wow!"

Few people will read this post then conclusively say, "What do I care?!" but others will try to find my stand. My notion remains that if this book is of positive transformation to me in the time of downslope, then it will surely yield positive result to whoever trys it.

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