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Literature: The Oral The Written

Literature in itself is a culture where the beauty of words_ the main tool of literature, is highly cherished. It exists in two major forms: (1) Oral literature (2) Written literature.

Oral literature: It is the earliest form of literature. It has become highly unpopular in the modern world. It is the mother of other forms of literature which is now more preferred. It employs spoken words to pass across information. It came into force before the invention of written technology. Here, history, customs, norms and so on are preserved for unborn generations through oral transmission which include folklores, fables, songs, poems, etc.

Written literature: This form of literature employs written words to communicate. It's the most popular form of literature. It employs the aesthetic value of words to create pictures in the human mind and pass across valuable information. It exists in various forms which will be examined under the genres of literature.

Importance Of Literature:-

(i) It captures and reflects the going-on in the society.
(ii) It preserves societal norms and cultures.
(iii) It teaches moral values.
(iv) It generates employment
(v) It informs, educates and entertains.

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