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They say to start a family is easy
To hold it is hard
Please remind me what on earth is rosy
If not, my good fellow friends,
Speedy biscuit wouldn't have lost it popularity
Poverty, job insecurity, european-certification decay,
Turbo-changes through computer age,
Inflation nemesis_ causing the unstable price of ABC
Both to the sachets and the tins
When cerelac and nan are for the affluent babies,
Infinite demanding needs of nursing mommies
Are all setbacks to my breeding and brooding
To my laying of mommy and daddy eggs
But now at the crossroad
No retreat no surrender
Beating the bush is over
Head must begin now
Hoeing through the jungle of fatherly responsibilities
Body must begin now
Cutlassing the weeds in growing fruitful kids
Heart must begin now
Building the bans for a successful family harvest
Be you rich or poor
Be you capable or incapable of
Picking up the man-tool of fatherhood
Until a man sacrifices his soul
For the addition of branches to the family tree
Everyone will call him a useless human being;
It's not easy to be a MAN!!!

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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