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I looked into the sky
Hardly birds flew
Heaven stared like an innocent
An eicher truck
From nowhere screeched at the pavement
Stainless pots
And heavy tripods
Hugged one another briefly
Yes, they're the party professionals
Erect their utensils in multitudes
Priests and many obvious born-agains
Too many black-horse chairs
Aroma, sweat, perfume-scent vies for the airs
As if in politics
Fried rice pastural green
Fried chicken
Fried fishes
Above whatever delicacy
Crates of Cokes
Kids picking the crown corks of deceitful promos
These people are eating again?
I thought they just ate beans"
"No sir,
The beans was in the morning"
"The atmosphere seems like the dawn
Are we not still in the morning time?"
"Actually sir,
We're at the moment in the evening time"
O my God! The event was sweet to see
Why should I waking here?
After all, it wasn't a nightmare.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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