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No Beautiful Is Perfect

Through binocular of experience
Visage from toddler to beard chin
Eyes have seen
Convinced now
None can confuse my senses
Knowing beauty's just a percentile
No beautiful is perfect
In polygamy
Weigh the scale, close the case
Laces are too transparent a thing
No beautiful duly donates a lasting peace
None of all worths my busy wordy schedules
Imperfections full of pomposities
No long joy lives in beautiful
Kissing: not even it, not in palaces,
Not in blood-ties_ knowing family trees
Swiftly achieve wide branches
Pacing out Methuselah trees
Beautiful poultries attracts cocidiocis
Fat clean poppies attract fine lice
Light is lightless in existence of no darkness
No wonder fine ladies live with fat lies
Too many breeches in cohabitations
The beautiful get lust to buddy-calls
Only the foolishness hope for G days
Don't be lost in the beauties maze
No beautiful is perfect.

Samuel C Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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