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I remember we first met at the bar
Just like some
Evil characters in the harvest of corruption

Our bond grew strong
Our hearts attend to each other's compulsions
Our union has seen many wobbles

Many fights and many embraces
Sharing your breath gives me bubbles
And must I still say this to your face?
Whenever it comes to affection
We're such a disciple

Your knees
To ninety degrees
Delegate the rest to me, please,
I put on my bedroom best for you_
You can't deny I

Always pour you my yoghurt of ecstasies
My divine yoghurt made by God
You're too hot a queen
So rub me
Rub me frictional to milk me

Just keep rubbing
You're my Angelina Jolie
The queen of all beautiful beings

Keep rubbing, please,
I've journeyed your desert face to torso
To meet this your oasis

Your two pumpkins must be swelling
Your heartbeat must be panting
Your waistband must be jerking
We do not need
Any distraction at this moment, please,

Let me quench my thirsty lips
With the lips of my tongue
As I stand on your solid rock
Trickling solubles
Leaving me to lick your fluids all
And never thirst no more.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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