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Relationship Between 14 Principles Of Management And 14 Principles Of Leadership

If only viewed properly, both laws share some things in common and they can be used interchangeably for the benefit of a leader or an organization far beyond believe.

14 Principles Of Management by Henri Fayol14 Principles Of Leadership by John Maxwell
(1) There must be specialization i.e Law of work division(1) Everything falls on a leader i.e Law of the lid
(2) Ability to give order and exact obedience i.e Law of authority(2) People must be motivated to follow i.e Law of influence
(3) There must focus and dedication i.e Law of discipline(3) This' where patience and skill acquisation matter i.e Law of process
(4) Orders must come from only one leader i.e Law of unity of command(4) Planning and strategizing i.e Law of navigation
(5) All must focus on one goal alone i.e Law of unity of direction(5) True leader is listened to with willingness i.e Law of E. F. Hutton
(6) Interest of organization comes before that of individuals i.e Law of Subordination(6) A leader must build trust i.e Law of solid ground
(7) There must be reward in place i.e Law of remuneration(7) People follow those stronger and wiser than them i.e Law of respect
(8) Power must flow from the top leader i.e Law of centralization(8) A leader must be able to see beyond the present i.e Law of intuition
(9) Chain-like authority scale i.e Law of scalar chain(9) Who you are is who you attract i.e Law of magnetnism
(10) Fairness in dissemination of responsibilities i.e Law of order(10) You must touch the heart before asking for follow i.e Law of connection
(11) Equality must be adhere to i.e Law of equity(11) Team spirit i.e Law of inner-circle
(12) Security of subordinate effort i.e Law of stability of tenure of personnel(12) "Great things happen when you don't care who gets the credit" Mark Twain; i.e Law of empowerment
(13) There must be reward for positively effective initiative i.e Law of initiative(13) It takes a leader to raise up a leader i.e Law of reproduction
(14) There must be an atmosphere of harmony i.e Law of espirit de corps(14) People like the leader before they can like the leader's vision i.e Law of buy-in

You might have a better notion, please, feel free to share; you're the best.

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