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Screaming For Venus

With earrings I pierce ears of my heart to listen well
To the spirits and the livings
Let me belittle the intestinal bad-belly angels
Of communal backbitings
Knowing life a charcoal board to be written feelings
Of goosebumps
And of grievances and of
Any midnight miming that should
Please progesterones

Hello, please, call back later
Lots of laundry to do under this moonlight
As now is the duly duty time proclaimed
Life best gift is thigh parting
Beat me the tamtam to turn melody on
As the melody begins, begin partner
Let my arms turn to John Opener
Let my hips turn to Will Faulkner
In this own nuptial dance of no-loin

Sweet singer sing the more
Oh sing, oh sing louder thy best sedulity song
While my divine milk gush off beneath me
Forcing thy song-screaming to cross the Atlantic
Striking Venus her sleepy head to bless thy screaming
Screaming yea yeah oh yeah;
Thank God! By now, neighbors must be disturbed.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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