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The Act Of Living With New Neighbors

From landlord headache
You're now free
You're now in
Your new site
Newly built abode
Neighbor by left
Neighbor by right
You're in between
You're in trouble
Igbo neighbor left
Igbo neighbor right
You're in between
You're in trouble
They're always yelling
Bia eba Chinedu!
Bute ifa Chinasa!
Ina nu-nti Chibike!
Ebe kina-ga Chibeze!
You're in trouble
They're always cooking
You're home suffocating
Your "Ox"-fan tried
Never could outshine
Their evil aroma
Keep you vomiting
You're in trouble
Forcefully aroma rushing
Orha from left
Orgbolor from right
Aka-Utazi from left
Ayan-Nzizi from right
Ofe-Ede from left
Ofe-Akwu from right
You're in trouble
They're always pounding
Pounding pepper
Pounding okra
Pounding crayfish
Pounding mushroom
Pounding cocoyam
Pounding yam consistently
You're in trouble
Noise never dies
It keeps coming
They're always celebrating
Celebrating first everything
The first moon
The first rain
The first yam
The first melon
Firstborn of goat
Firstborn of family
Firstborn of firstborn
You're in trouble
Noise never dies
Blowing local flutes
Blowing local drums
Singing local songs
Dancing local dances
All Igbo neighbors
Are awesomely living
Their earth existence
Wherever they dwelling
Oh newly neighbor
You can't sell
You newly abode
Be miserable between
Or just join
The noisy beings
And then begin
An awesome living;
Choice is yours.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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